Author Topic: Error message - Unable to scrape, frontend was built without libcurl enabled  (Read 1606 times)


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look take this how you want but most  of you guys do so much CRAP to attract mode when (for the hundredth time) IT DOES NOT NEED HELP ! i have windows 7 shelled to attract mode , mame , daphne , and a couple nes snes emus and mine works FLAWLESSLY!

you DONT need rocket launcher you DONT need a million scripts or any OTHER fancy crap to make this work. on my main 4 player cab witch is in my profile pic has 2 screens one for marquee and a big one for games and i have NO issues.(except for the once in a while windows crap)

and most of all my installs are stock from this website and mame (except for the nonag exe for mame. that i got grom gameex's website)

but you know....

im just trying to be helpful and hope people get there stuff working as good as mine.....
(and i also get that platforms are different but my point is attract mode WORKS without help and my cab is proof of that)

game on brothers and sisters and never forget the 80's!!
we came , we saw , we lost LOTS of quarters...

Win 7
Asus mobo amd 64bit 3core
12g ram
4 player. Custom built woody cab
46" plasma screen with 22" marquee


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Thanks to all that replied. I tried compiling once and had an issue. So I went with the Emumovies scraper and am now having some good luck. some things are missing but I have much more that I did. Other than this scraper issue attract mode is great.