Author Topic: How do I launch a shortcut file instead of executable?super resolution retroarch  (Read 599 times)


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I'm using a program called "reso" that you have to place in the same folder as the executable, then you run it, select executable, select resolution then create shortcut, in my case that's how the shortcut came out

D:\Arcade\retroarch224\reso.exe "D:\Arcade\retroarch224\retroarch.exe" 2560 224 16 120

2560x224 with 32bits color and 120hz refresh rate, i'm on a PC CRT and that's how you get scanlines, this resolution and refresh rate results in 31khz signal

anyway, retroarch is set to work with this resolution, if i click this shortcut the desktop resolution changes and then retroarch launches in fullscreen with glorious scanlines

the lines related to this resolution in retroarch.cfg:
crt_switch_resolution = "1"
crt_switch_resolution_super = "2560"
crt_switch_resolution_use_custom_refresh_rate = "true"
crt_video_refresh_rate = "120.000000"
custom_viewport_height = "224"
custom_viewport_width = "2560"
video_fullscreen = "true"
video_fullscreen_x = "2560"
video_fullscreen_y = "224"
video_windowed_fullscreen = "false"

how do i launch this shortcut instead of the actual retroarch.exe? or are there other ways to make attractmode change the desktop resolution by itself before launching retroarch?

funny thing is, if my desktop is at let's say 1280x1024 and i launch retroarch in a more common 640x480 60hz (i have a separate retroarch folder set to this resolution just for naomi and atomiswave games, they look GREAT in a pc crt with native 640x480), or even 2560x240 120hz it changes resolution by itself (so no need for this shortcut program thingy) and then the desktop resolution goes back to 1280x1024 when i exit retroarch, maybe it can't do this with this crazy resolution because of some bug...

i guess i could run 224p games (cps1 2 and 3, neogeo) in 240p and reduce the custom aspect ratio height to 224, the lines match but then it isn't 4:3 anymore...
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@ vdfritz
AM & .lnk and .bat files here (see section windows_games)

I'm not working with retroarch. google said that retroarch starts config-files this way (but as I understood the documentation of retroarch, it loads retroarch.cfg automatically?!):
Path_to_Retroarch\retroarch.exe --config "Path_to_your_config_files\your_config_file.cfg

So create each game a .bat-file with your correct config and settings, to launch a game via batch-file.

Create in AM an emulator with this settings (depending on your paths):
executable           C:\attract\EMU\RESO\reso.exe
args                 "[romfilename]" 640 480 8 40
rompath              C:\attract\EMU\RESO\Roms
romext               .bat

reso.exe supports .exe, .bat, .com

Tested something like this (with zsnes):
"C:\attract\EMU\RESO\reso.exe" "C:\attract\EMU\zsnes\zsnesw.exe -m "C:\attract\EMU\zsnes\ROMS\1.smc"" 640 480 8 40
=> windows crash. So I do not know how to use rese.exe directly.
Maybe you can contact the developer of this software, how to use an application with parameters.
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