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Re: Syskeuomorphic theme.
« Reply #15 on: August 25, 2019, 10:09:22 AM »

Enkak, if I remember correctly the story info text box on AM is a little finicky, I had some problems integrating it on my displays.
I implemented a manual scrolling using a thing called
Code: [Select]
<text_box>.first_line_hintbut it refused to scroll if all of several variables weren't the way it wanted.
Should work with something similar to the horizontal implementation, varying the .first_line_hint instead of clipping a string.
However I think one of the problems I had was that I couldn't find a way to reliably mesure the text size. Manually you just see when the text come to the end but it can be a problem on an automated fashion.
I even think I tried to automate it at the time but it certainly was before I did the horizontal scrolling.

Definitely something for the TODO list.

Yeah, an easier or possible at all scroll option for text or titles is really the only thing I'm missing in AM because it can affect several themes. Or maybe how to justify text too. :D I need to study your code better because my knowledge of squirrel is still very limited so first tests here didn't went well. ;D Thank you so much again for the help and information. :)