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Video flags fix - test build
« on: November 23, 2019, 04:19:20 PM »
I need your advice regarding the video_flags fix I'm preparing.
Currently when you exit an emulator videos always restart regardless of the video_flags  (Vid.NoAutoStart is ignored), or video_playing property
I fixed that, but I'm unsure what to do with the videos that had set video_playing = true/false before launching an emulator

I've also fixed a stalled frame showing for 5 frames after you exit the emulator and before the video restarts.

There are 2 undecided video states (playing/stopped) when you exit an emulator with the following properties set before launching a game:
Code: [Select]
Vid.Default & video_playing = false -> ?
Vid.NoAutoStart & video_playing = true -> ?

With my fix video_playing is ignored and video playing state relies solely on video_flags when you exit a game.
Should I check video_playing property and use video_flags only when you load another video snap, or leave it as it is?!Ag7uFeM0f_fzh9IpRmCwD9qGJzrwfw?e=C1qS8y

The archive from the link contains Attract Mode executable and a layout for testing.

You may want to misspell the emulator exe in settings so the game does not launch, preventing the resolution switching from masking stalled frames.