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Additional Fields Added in Romlist (Template)
« on: November 29, 2019, 04:55:25 AM »
As requested (#579) Andrew has added 4 new fields to AM romlists. Additions are Region, Language, Series and Rating. These are placed at the end after buttons:

Previous Romlist Fields/ Headers
Code: [Select]
Current Romlist Fields/ Headers
Code: [Select]
Series and Language can be derived from their respective ini's which are a part of MAME extras. Simply follow the same procedure as that of adding catver.ini or nplayers.ini (additional import files). Region and Rating can be added by using custom dats.

Since fields are a part of romlist they can easily be called through magic tokens and operate just like previous fields. You can grab latest download from daily build downloads thread and it will include these changes (checked).

#579 (github):
Daily build download:

I really wanted these fields included because previous ones were MAME specific, this will really help in organizing console systems. Much thanks to Andrews!