Author Topic: Return Fire Maps o' Death and Retroarch 4DO liberetro core [solved]  (Read 62 times)


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Okay so asking for a paw of help here...

Return Fire is on many systems and works fine with the 4DO core in libretro :D

However the sequel Return Fire Maps O' Death is exclusive to the 3DO (Windows maybe?) that I know of. I also know that (I think) there was a small on board chip to save data too (much like the Sega CD). and from that when you stuck Return Fire: maps O' Death into your 3DO it saw that saved data from the original Return Fire and so loaded the game. If you did not own the original game you could not play the sequel.

It will work fine with the Phoenix Project Emulator just like it should..however with that emulator I have a difficult time running it from the command line and from AM. So I am wondering how Retroarch 4DO libretro core will run on a Raspberry Pi 4 or similar board..and thus of course Phoenix Project will not work on an ARM based CPU.

I have looked for literally hours for info on this and according to the 4D0 website RF:MoD is "%100 Compatible" so what am I missing? How do I save that bit of info from Return Fire with 4DO core so I can play Return Fire Maps O' Death?

Any help or ideas are welcome! :D
Update: Well i got it working! But honestly I have no idea how I did it.  :o *facepaws* My point here was to try and learn how to make it work step-by step so I could give a guide here.

Solved! Okay so the best thing I can figure out that worked was to play Return Fire first that is play past the "training mission" and then play and complete one of the first missions. After that go to the options menu from the main menu in retroarch (go to the menu (default key is F1 on PC or 'start+x' on retropie setup) then select NVRAM storage and make it shared then save the options config file. Quit out of Return Fire and then load Return Fire Maps O' Death and then it should load normally.

Hope that helps someone..I have seen a lot of people asking this question. Happy flag capturing! :D
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