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LEDSpicer Emitter Plugin
« on: November 05, 2020, 07:45:10 PM »
For those that use LEDSpicer on Linux platforms, I've written a plugin to interact with it.

The Emitter plugin for AttractMode works with LEDSpicer to change your lighting configuration based on your currently selected ROM in AttractMode.

There are two modes. Manual and Automatic. In Automatic mode, lighting profiles will be changed based on the currently selected rom after an editable period of inactivity. In Manual mode, a button press will change the profile based on currently selected rom.

Please check github for other important information.

I use LEDSpicer to show the keys that will be used when playing a specific game.... trackballs, spinners, etc. LEDSPicer can even change the colors of the buttons/joysticks to the original button color. This plugin just calls the LEDSpicer emitter app to change the profiles dynamically... you need LEDSpicer to do the real work though.