Author Topic: Screensaver "basic mode" to reduce CPU usage (screensaver.nut replacement)  (Read 2164 times)


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I run Attract Mode on a dedicated machine that stays on all the time, but I was finding that the default screensavers suck up a lot of CPU.. upwards of 50% CPU utilization or more in the collage modes.  Normally my TV is turned off, so it seemed like a waste to be using that much CPU when no one was actually watching it.  So I've made a custom screensaver script that adds a "basic mode" that kicks in after a specified timeout (configurable), which either cycles through a slideshow of artwork (also configurable), or just blanks out the screen entirely.

I really like the video/collage screensavers, so this doesn't replace the entirely;  rather, it will run the default screensavers for a specified amount of time, and then will switch to the basic screensaver afterwards.  That timeout/delay value is configurable in the screensaver settings.

Once basic mode kicks in, the CPU usage drops down to 1%, which allows the machine to run cooler and quieter when it's not actively in use.

Just drop the attached screensaver.nut file into your ~/.attract/screensaver folder and it will override the default screensaver.

Hopefully this will be useful for others as well!
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I haven't got a chance to try it yet but I think it's a great concept! I always like to see people bringing new features to AM.


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So, first, sorry, I am new here so this is probably a silly question, but I have a could of questions:
where do we put the images?  If I choose 'snap' do I put images (in what format?) in the 'snap' folder for the displayed emulator along with the existing snap videos?  If I choose 'flyer' do I create a folder called 'flyer' and put images there?
Also, is there any way of having music playing while the slideshow is showing?
Thanks very much for this great mode!

*EDIT* So it looks like the folder name is the key - I created the 'flyer' folder and loaded a few images and then found they needed to match the names of the games in the parent folder.  Is there a way to just randomise files within the folder?  ie if I only have a handful of images for the slideshow?  Also, is there a way to crossfade images?  Music background would also be great.  Let me know if I am dreaming!
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