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General / Re: Metadata for non-MAME romlists?
« on: Today at 03:41:19 PM »
It can be done. But it will take a LOT of time. You can just fill it all in by hand.

I actually a "Nplayers.ini" for the NES but not sure what I did with it. If I recall it didn't work. I did make a nes_catver.ini and it worked perfectly. But that was a year or so ago...

General / Re: One list many displays
« on: Yesterday at 08:20:31 PM »
I had already assumed that it couldn't be done...I was just hoping I was wrong?

As for the scripts...I don't know..already had some made so I could run some emulators with them and not have to open the terminal. I could just set them all up "normally" I guess. Then I ran into some problems trying that and said forget it...

I did find a work around though! I used a theme that uses the entire background as the snap/video background so I just took parts of a theme that i like and made it the system "snap" works great. Well except I am no graphic artist!  :P  Works for me though and that is all I am worried about. I doubt anyone would care to do what I am doing anyway.

I have and old laptop I am wanting to put my old computer (and only computer) emulators on. No games or anything like that. Just a basic OS and some software. It's really do I can just "show off and be old and cool" thing. It would be great for a IT/computer history teaching tool maybe? other than that it really doesn't do much. Like I said no games...ans you are where it's at!  ;D

General / Re: One list many displays
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:16:17 PM »
I'm not understanding maybe...

I generate the all systems and filter and such... but it only uses the same display no matter what I do. The separate systems display fine like they are supposed to. Put them all in a list or filter and they still use the same display... not what I am trying to go for here.

Either that or I am missing something...

General / One list many displays
« on: August 04, 2020, 01:20:00 PM »
I might be over AM's head here I am not sure...but here goes...

So what I am trying to do is have one list...but when switching to a game I want the display to change.

That is to say... :

So you have one system for example sega mastersystem. When you change games it changes the wheel, video, snap, ect. When I change to another display (or list) then the display changes as well showing for example a 3DO.

But what if I wanted to change systems in the list and is show a different display as I scroll a single list?

Basically what I have done is made a single list of batch scripts to start each emulator. No list of games or is just set up to launch each system. While I can set up each script as a system and thus when I choose the system I get the display I want I also get a long "list" of wheel art that means nothing.

So I thought well what it I could make a single list and when I choose a "game" the display changes showing that display that matches that system? Kind of like Emulation Station does when on the "main menu" (but of course in this case there is no sublist of games it just launches the script).

Anyone have ideas of how to get in this hen house? Is it even possible?

General / Re: Multilevel menu
« on: August 04, 2020, 01:03:32 PM » i want to do this whole thing backwards..

but it might be better to start a new thread. If you think it should go here then I will put it here...just let me know

General / Re: Multilevel menu
« on: July 31, 2020, 08:57:38 PM »
@ progets

Explain it to me like I am three and a half....because I am.

(well I am in fox years! o.o)

Another emulator


It is used to run OLD..did I mention old? software. It is the grandfather (Kind of?) of MS DOS (yes Gates stole that from them..just like he stole the GUI from Steve (Apple) who stole it from Xerox. No really.).

And one day I will breakdown and make a list of all the PC emulators out day..

Is it possible to create a one-button launcher for dos games on Pcem?

as for a one button launcher for dos games..I doubt it. except you could/might modify the autoexec.bat and start it that way? That's a lot of little hard drives! (A "full set" of DOS games is 100GB (don't ask how i know that)) and the is before it is all uncompressed/installed. Yeah I think it could be done once I can figure out how to start PCEM from the command line. DOSBox could work and be easier to set up...however DOS in PCEm is more "real" so compatibility would be higher?


Code: [Select]
#! /bin/bash

pcem --config /home/username/.pcem/configs/amstrad.cfg --fullscreen

save this code as a sh bash script and make it executable (the above example is an amstrad PC1512). It will then:

1. run PCEM
2. load the config file (that you have made before!) of the system you want
3. start it in full screen

I would assume a bat file can be written just as easily for windows like

Code: [Select]
pcem.exe --config /home/username/.pcem/configs/amstrad.cfg --fullscreen
then saved as a .bat file

only thing I have not figured out is how to load a floppy disk from the command line for systems that do not have a hard drive (some systems PCEM emulate are that old yes!)

Anyone figures that out let me know! :)

General / Re: Unable to make selection in attract-mode with keyboard
« on: July 29, 2020, 05:44:43 PM »
As this is a pre-built image you may not get much help here. Images like that can have things changed and funny things added (or deleted).
It is too much of a pain in the tail to trouble shoot them.

Just so you know a standard retropie image can be installed and attract mode installed on that.

As far as i understand you do have to go to emulation station to set up your game pads on first set up. Sounds like the y "ripped" out all the keyboard controls from the attract mode settings. Also sounds like all the "default" buttons have been changed.

Ryan is correct you will have to go into emulation station and load retroarch and setup the buttons from there.

The official retropie image has a script that sets all the buttons correctly when you set up your controller for the first time...this includes emulationstation...but each retroarch (libretro) core as well.

General / Re: Hello old friends!
« on: July 20, 2020, 07:30:27 PM »
It's better to fail while coding a design than having a perfect design lying in a drawer.

Huh...guess that is why my plans for world I mean world peace hasn't happened yet huh?  :P

General / Re: Hello old friends!
« on: July 18, 2020, 12:24:24 PM » had some cool and refreshing ideas from what I remember
I agree!

Maybe I should gather all my designs in one thread and let the people know that I'm looking for a coder.

And I also agree. That is if you trust someone with your designs.

General / Re: Hello old friends!
« on: July 17, 2020, 11:56:05 PM »
And you people thought I was kidding about the rabbit army. Never underestimate a fox...we will rule the world one day!

(I Love it omgaman!  ;D )

You think I am kidding huh? :P

I have a few emulators I want to point out actually but I will post them in another thread. This tread is for emulators you probably have not heard of. One I want to bring up is Retro Virtual Machine. I don't think it can be run from the command line. But it does run on any of the major OSes. I think it is a nice emulator. Mostly I like how it looks with the tape player and disk on the side.... I like lights and noises on computers..they are there for a reason after all!

They are adding many machines to it as shown here.The one on the site allows you to emulate Spectrum and Amstrad computers but if you look at the video here you will see they are adding more systems to it. If you are a patron then you get the "full" version.

I don't like that it is closed source or that you have to "pay" for the full version

I do like that it is multi-system and all "das blinkin' lights". and the GUI is easy to use and understand. While yes you can use other emulators sometimes it is a pain in the tail so set up each one...or they are not for your OS ect. Yes you can use retroarch cores for some of the systems here...sometimes you want it to work like the computer it is instead of a "games console"

Next is MicroM8. This is an apple ][ emulator. Much in the same idea of how Retro Virtual Machine works.

Pros and cons...the same reasons for Retro Virtual Machine.

Last is Pcem. You WILL need BIOS roms for this emulator! This is not your vixen's Dosbox! This is real "low level" emulation! And for older systems it beats Virtual box paws down! (mainly because Virtual box doesn't emulate these old PCs!) You cna run anything from a TSR-80 to a Intel/AMD 486 Pentium. If you want to run real DOS(es) This is the way to do it! Warning!: If you do not know how to use an old computer from forty years some google-ing! These systems are not that easy to set up if you have no clue what you are doing!

Pros: Real emulation here..down to the bios setups! Very "native" so the machine works like it supposed to do with no tricks or hacks (well less then some other emulators anyway!  ;) ) Open source...and free!

Cons: Don't expect to run any windows 95 (though you can) games or higher versions of any OS for that matter.... It can be very difficult to set up for people who are not used to these machines.

I will be making another thread of other PC emulators...some you have heard about. Just wanted to spotlight these because they are "less known".

Happy retro computing!  ;D

General / Re: Hello old friends!
« on: July 17, 2020, 01:07:43 PM »
Wow you are much braver than I am!   :o

Though I am very curious how that will turn out...

I might actually go to Windows for my final Arcade build. Sadly most of the hardware is built for Windows..while Linux does work on it....weeelllll...*sigh* yeah you get where I am going. That and there are arcade emulators made for windows and not for linux that mame won't run (because the machine is too slow) and the will cover that gap I think (namely naiomi..but I would like to try the Taito X emulator. (it was made to run on windows it should run on windows 7?) *shrugs*

now if they would make a retroarch core for the taitoX emulator so it runs on linux....well any linux box like the Nvidia shield would be ideal I think! :D

General / Re: Hello old friends!
« on: July 17, 2020, 07:22:46 AM »
Look Omegaman it's okay you can tell hem that my army of rabbits finally tracked you down...there is no shame in it. But if you want me to..I will tell everyone I sent you out to spread the word of Attract Mode and while you were gone an evil anti-emulation organization got you and my army of rabbits had to bust you out. Then you had to lay low for a while to make plans to take them down but you made it back in one piece!

Either story is fine with me..just let me know before people notice your are back...  :P

It's good to have you back and I am glad to know you are safe and healthy! :D Yeah life has a way of getting in the way huh? But we all understand!

Yeah robospin has gone through many "changes" but ..well you did a great job with it. Robospin is light but "flashy" so yeah it is great for the PI! Like it was said...your theme exploded. Should be expected, after all "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?"  ;)

Not sure how shallow your emulation has been but progets makes some good points... other things I can think of are:

1. Brush up on what is new with the PI [4]
2. What is new with Retroarch
3. Get a list of new emulators that are out there
4. ..and whatever else I am forgetting (Great help thanks fox!) *facepaws*

Sounds awesome. I need to start printing and reading.  :)

You mean I am not the only one that does that?!  :o
I would LOVE to have my Dot matrix to read code from again...two quid maybe and i could print PAGES! Something is wrong when the machine is cheaper then the ink know what i mean?  :-\

GLAD to see you back Omegaman stick around this time huh? :D  (Although I hear that progets might send you out on the next mission....)

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