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I am replying here to let you know I have heard you. I will do some testing of my own and see if I can help you out and get back to you tomorrow.

so you use this script? Can I ask why? (Just need more info...)

also could you post your AM config file for that emulator please? :)

General / Re: Launchbox Assets
« on: September 14, 2020, 08:44:46 PM »
Here is the layout:

C:\launchbox\Images\Atari 2600\Box - Front\Maze Craze_ A Game of Cops _n Robbers-01.jpg

okay soooo..

take the 'Box - Front' folder (or copy the entire thing to a new location < best idea to make sure you have a back up) then make a batch file to rename all the jpg(s) the same name as your rom(s) then point AM to the new location. AM should pick them up and use them. This goes with any media you have (covers, box, vids, ect..)

You can try FuzzyRename but be warned it can maybe rename the same file for different. (That is it might rename the video NFL 95 to NFL 95 NFL 96 NFL 97 ect thus using the NFL 95 vid snap box for the game NFL 95 and NFL 96 and NFL 97 ect)

if you need to make a bat file PM me

Emulators / Re: Arnold ?
« on: September 12, 2020, 01:34:29 PM »
I had never heard of this emulator myself...

but here is the github page..might help you out

I use caprice32

pick what works best for you! :)

I compiled and tried to use it. Works okay. I can get it to load the disc on boot (i.e. in drive a slot)..but I have to load it manually (from the emulated CPC) sooo..maybe I am missing something?

./arnold -drivea "discimage.dsk"

that is to say

emulator ./arnold
args        -drivea "discimage.dsk"

if you use linux anyway...

Yes A is different than a on linux..that is the way it is with all unixes. Not sure why but always has been. Tripped me up at first when starting with linux  :P

I am glad you were able to get that working Yaron2019! I am sorry i didn't poke around like I normally do and be more help!  ::)

This information will help others with making their themes in the future! :)

Thank you for not leaving us linux users on our own!  ;)

General / Re: Launchbox Assets
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:37:57 PM »
Any easy way to use Launchbox assets with attractmode rather than rescraping?

I have downloaded a few "Launchbox asset packs" for my set up and they work perfectly.

I am not aware of the file structure of launchbox though. If I recall correctly though they are all in folders ..the folders are the game name...and the assests are named logo.png flyer.png box.png (something like that right?)

If i am close or if you would give me an example of the tree layout please.

all I did was make a script to rename them all and place them in the proper folders.

Short answer..yes items from launch =box can be used with attract mode. I have done it.

General / Re: attractmode troubles
« on: September 06, 2020, 06:58:26 PM »
The PI can run 800x600 @60 FPS

I meant 640x480. An yes not on AM. Other software can maybe. Thanks for pointing that out.

The only reason I said 320x240 is because that is what the scraper pulled down with retropie. So I found they work better. I am not worried how well they look in the preview. I would like them to tool better in the screensaver though. I will try your suggestion :)

I hope that helped you :)

General / Re: attractmode troubles
« on: September 04, 2020, 09:27:02 AM »
Okay so a Rasp pi 3+

you compiled from source? How are you running AM? Do you have raspain installed? Is it retropie? is it running ot top of mate? This only happens when you run attractmode? What if you leaving running without attractmode going?

These are thing we need to know to help.

Also I have to ask..what format are your video snaps in? The PI can run 800x600 @60 FPS However you will get better results if you lower them all to 320x240 @30 FPS.

As much as i like AM the pi is just a little under powered for some themes. Attractmode on the highend good looking wow setting themes need to be run on a PC (or a stronger SBC) One day I hope that AM can run smooth on the pi...I like emulationstation...but yeah I am bias a little :P (AM is easier to set up honestly)

General / Attract Mode list tips and tricks
« on: August 27, 2020, 02:06:09 PM »
I want to state here that you should read the entire write up first this write up is for those who want to try. I will never say that this is "simple as making a list"..far from it. If you do wish to try things in this write up I will warn you now back up your roms and lists. You chose to try this and did I not bite your ankle ans make you. If anything goes wrong following this you were warned

I also know there are tools that help do this sort of thing...but again..picky control...

I love Emulation Station on the raspberry pi. It is lightweight and works well for that "under powered" little computer. That is why it was chosen..simply because it was light and not system resource heavy. That all changed in time of course with added features that Attract Mode came with out of the box.

Now if we move to a "big-boy" desktop PC we can use Attract Mode because it has the resources to handle it. WAIT! "No you can use Attract Mode on a Raspberry PI and you can used Emulation station on a PC!", you cry. Why yes I know that...I have used both on both platforms and still do... okay well get to the point then fox!

My point is I like both front ends and use them where they run better then the I think most do. However I do think that Attract Mode has one big advantage over Emulation station...and that is simply how the game list is generated.

I have no problem with Emulation Station xml format list. It adds a lot of information organized neatly and can be edited by paw..err hand if need be. XML format is a big pain in the tail at times though! Attract Mode on the other paw is this jumbled mess of seemingly unorganized mess of information if you open it in a plain text editor. The problem is here if you think that well then you do not understand the format of semi-colons and separated info.

Yes Attract Mode lists CAN be opened in a text editor. If fact they say "mame.txt"...that is a .txt DUH fox! But... it is not a text file at all! It is a "misnamed" Comma Separated Value or csv file. For those of you who do not understand spreadsheets you don't understand that wahy the means is..yes it is a spreadsheet information format file..ans thus can be opened in a spreadsheet. And by doing so will organize everything neatly and easily. We have much more power when we open it this you shall see.

(Note I will be using Libreoffice Calc in these examples. Other spreadsheet programs should work the same way generally. if you have a problem with any of the steps with your software and need help go to the software site forum or help group do not ask me! I did not make the program and can not help or fix it! Also note that if you need a spreadsheet program there are free ones available to use..use your favorite search engine to help with that :) )

(Note: It is best to have a list made and they category, controls, player, ect. info added to your list. You could make a list to work with instead of your main "worked on for three days to get exactly the way I want it" list
First thing you want to do is (if you don't have a spreadsheet program go get the first!) make a copy of the list you are working with! I can not stress that enough! (open your list in a text file and save as romlist.txt.bak or copy and paste it into another folder all together)

Once you have made a copy rename your romlist.txt to romlist.csv (e.x. mame.txt to mame .csv) Next you should just be able to double-click it and it should open with your default spreadsheet program.

Once loaded you should get a box asking you how you want to format/import it once you have opened it. This next step is importaint do not just skip it! Under your separator options you want to choose "separated by..and then semi-colon. (Semi-colons are the funny little things that look like ; ) Once that is all selected you should see the list text displayed in separate rows and columns.

At the top you will notice that you have this:

#Name Title   Emulator CloneOf Year Manufacturer Category   Players   Rotation Control Status   DisplayCount... (ect...) you may have to scroll to the right to see all the columns. The information/data is still there though!

We are going to use the game 005 by Sega as an example: (I have removed missing info headers to save space and formatting...)

#Name   Title   Emulator   CloneOf   Year   Manufacturer   Category               Players   Rotation                Control                     Status    DisplayCount   DisplayType           Buttons
   5            5      mame                  1981     Sega      Maze / Shooter Small    2P alt     270     joystick (4-way),joystick (4-way)   imperfect         1                  raster                  1
   So what the heck does all that mean?! Actually it is easy!
  • The hash (#) tells Attract Mode do not read/display (or ignore) this line. So the is why this doesn't show up in your list.
  • Name is the ROM NAME. Thus or example is 005. (the rom name) This may not be so different on a console system but in mame-ish emulators is a BIG deal!
  • Title is the NAME OF THE GAME 005 is the NAME of the game. As a better example let's take the rom samsho. The rom FILE is named samsho...but the game is Samurai Shodown. Attract Mode shows you the GAME NAME on your list. It NEEDS the rom file name to stick into the command line to load it. (i.e. MAME doesn't know how to load mame samurai shodown...but it DOES understand how to load mame samsho...get all that?)
  • Emulator shows the emulator that the list/game is attached to (in this case mame)
  • Clone of will be filled if there is a clone for that rom/game (005 doesn't have a clone so it is blank)
  • Year means the year it came out in this case 1981

If you want a FULL breakdown of all the categories then I can do one..or maybe someone will do it for me in this thread? :P

But fox it's not named 5 it's named's wrong!..and I will tell you no it is not! See spreadsheets are really made for number crunching not text so what Calc has done is shorted the number format..why leave two zeros in front of a number right? So to change that we highlight the entire spreadsheet (click the top left corner of the sheet.. or press Ctrl+A) go to Format -> Cells (or press Ctrl+1) and we change the format to TEXT. Now click OK. We'll need to do just a little bit of manual work here... and that is add the 00 to the name and title columns (that is change 5 to 005)  Now that wasn't difficult was it!? :P

From here you may save your cvs list if you want. However you MUST save it in cvs text format! If you do not then Attract Mode will not be able to read it! if you do save it in the wrong format just re-save it in the correct format overwriting the wrong file. (you DID make a backup right?)

So there you go now it is all nice and neat and organized in front to you to read! *notices grumbling and people getting up* No wait don't go stay with me..I promise it gets better! Besides...There is beer and fried chicken at the end of all this least stick around for that. No really Raygun and Progets paid for it and I had it catered...they just haven't got the credit card bill yet... heh....

Now from here we have a LOT of power over our list! Now some of you veterans here will scream that is what Attract Mode does why should I do it the hard way? Well you DON'T have to do it this way..and I would let Attract Mode filter (it's just easier) but as you'll see we can do things with our list now that Attract Mode can NOT do :) It gets deeper than just Attract Mode's list as well...but that is for another thread. But we will make an example here so you can see what I mean.

Let's highlight the D column (clones) and auto filter that. When we auto filter let's remove the clones by unchecking all items (deselect the all box) the click the (empty) item and press OK. From here we can do two things...we can copy ALL (the entire spreadsheet) and paste it into a new spreadsheet and the save it in the right format/name and use it as a new list. "So you are making me filter out the clones the hard way? I can make Attract Mode do that for me way easier! You are correct on that! ..Yes Attract Mode is powerful..but can it pull a rabbit out of it's own hat? Nope. That is why wee need a spreadsheet...

First just copy the A column (#NAME) then paste it into a new spreadsheet but not into the A column...paste it into the B column...(and the #NAME needs to be deleted here) okay now what fox? first we get our magic wand... let's say we don't want all those pesky clone games. They take up space and we never use them anyway. So what we do is in the A column we type:

 rm  (that is linux command for delete and a white-space)
 del (that is windows command for delete and a white-space)

in the C column we type .zip

 ...or we can copy them to another folder by typing:
  cp .zip /home/user/mame/roms/clones (that is the linux copy command cp and a whitespace in A .zip and a whitespace in C and /home/user/mame/roms/clones in D)
  copy .zip C:\mame\roms\clones (or the windows copy command with a whitespace in A .zip and a whitespace in B C:\mame\roms\clones in the D column.
   so now we have at the top:
   A       B          C             D
1 cp  88games .zip /home/user/mame/roms/clones
  that is row one (1) with columns A, B, C and D filled with info! :) (trust me it will all make sense I promise!)
 okay so now all we have to do is do that to ALL the rows! "What the heck I am not typing that a thousand are a crazy fox after all!" you cry.  That is just don't have to type anything! let's highlight the cell in column A row 1 (A1) got it? hover your mouse over it..see the little block on the bottom right..hover your mouse over should change to a cross click and hold your mouse button down and drag it downward. Magic huh?! (it should copy that text from cell A1 to B1 and so on down.) makes it way easier huh? now let's do that to cells 1C AND D1 highlight both of them and drag them down like you did column A.
 Okay now you have done what? more magic :) 
 this time highlight Cell 1F (the first cell in column F) here is the other power of spreadsheets...formulas! "But formulas are just for number crunching!" you cry. And to that I say...there is more than one way to sneak into a hen house! I mean not that I know that..I have just heard that said from other foxes... heh
 so with our F1 cell highlighted let's start our function wizard and once there we choose category text..and fuction concatenate from there you choose A1, B1, C1, D1 then okay it
 Now you are left with: cp /home/user/mame/roms/clones in Cell F1. Now all we have to do is drag it all the way down the column to the end.
 Anyone that is used to the Terminal/Command line might notice what I just did there. This is why the white-spaces were added and the .zip and the folder path... yes we just made a bash/batch script! :)  well...almost....
 open a plain text editor like Pluma or Notepad. (Yes it MUST be a editor like that. These editors do not add hidden formatting tags to text which can SCREW UP an entire file like this!) Now copy the F column of our spreadsheet now paste it into the text editor...almost instant batch scripts! :)  (to understand better use a search engine..I leave that as homework..or someone can add in the mising info below thanks!)
 And we are STILL not done! :)
 You can use ANY column of information you want...just want capcom games...done! Just Joystick games?... DONE!
 Again honestly yes I DO KNOW that you can use Attract Mode to filter items. But I did not write this to show you how to do it the hard way. I wrote this to show you how to have PRECISE control in an easy way should you want it. Remember this can be done with any game list..not just a mame list. Mostly I learned all this because of how I set up my list. I wanted just my region's roms and the CLONES that my region is familiar with. That is people don't know what puckman is (the parent or original name) but they do know what pac-man is (pacman is actually a really). That and I was able to see what games were clones and deleted them. Not all of use use a I25 intel with 14 core 5.0 Gigahertz over clocked to 5.3 GigaHertz CPU with 256 Gigabytes of ram and a 100 Terabyte SSD and a High end 4 terabyte GDDR 5 ram graphics cards for our arcade machines. Most of pick these things up cheap/used/"dead"/"broken" and they are lowspec machines with small hard drives so space is a priority..
 I have "crammed an entire working MAME (arcade)" set and artwork into a 40GB hard really. Again I know hard drives are huge and cheap...but we love our USB drives and our SD cards for our little raspberry pis huh? :P There is more than just saving space here though. The point of this writing was to show you that you have DIRECT control of your list to the smallest detail should you want it and things can be "automated easily"...But that is for another thread.
One last thing...text that is in a spreadsheet is easy to move around. Ever notice how your NHL or NFL OR NBA games are out of order?
NFL 2000
NFL 2001
NFL 99
NFL 98...ect...

You can move the entire row/line (or just cut and paste into a blank new line (row)) and put them in order. Save it like above and then your games will be in order! :)

 Happy gaming! :D
(beer and chicken is being served in the it quick before progets and raygun get the bill!  o.o )

Go to the pop_shop and look/search for Main Menu
or type
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install menulibrein a terminal

next copy /home/kitsune/attract/util/icon.png to /home/jarvis/.local/share/applications/icon.png
Code: [Select]
cp /home/kitsune/attract/util/icon.png to /home/jarvis/.local/share/applications/icon.png
search for main menu in the unity bar..start it

highlight games...then choose new item

name: Attract Mode
command: attract
Comment: An emulator front end

in the little x at the left...that is a button press that to chose your icon (located in /home/jarvis/.local/share/applications/) press ok

next go to /home/jarvis/.local/share/applications/ (it is a hidden folder you you will need to show hidden files and folders) the right click on the desktop entry the you just made for attract mode go to properties then make executable by clicking the box and pressing ok

Code: [Select]
sudo chmod +x /home/jarvis/.local/share/applications/menulibre-attract-mode.desktop from the terminal

Restart the desktop (or your computer)..when you are back to the desktop look for Attract Mode in the search bar click it (or hit the enter key) to start it

do me a your terminal type

Code: [Select]
and see if AM loads. If it does great..problems solved!...

as foe adding it into your menu..we can do that manually if needed :)

that is so strange....all the dependencies you are missing should have been installed with that line of "code" I gave you...that is direct from the AM wiki!  :o well my install seems to be stuck..I may not be able to get back to you till tomorrow

If you can load/install synaptic package manager and look for all the listed missing packages one by one (you can copy the test up to the .ps extension) ...and make sure to install the DEV packages as well! you need those to compile...


libavformat not

and the libavformat-dev

okay so..I am compiling on a fresh install of POP os as I errors...............and..finished..and runs...

almost looks as if it didn't install any dependencies as I look at your output...weird...

can I did install pop on your hard drive correct? because remember you can not install anything on a live CD... (though I am guessing you have..) and you are using sudo to install these right?

(sorry for the questions..just been doing this too long to not cover ALL bases...)

can you tell me what you type to install the deps..and any errors there please? (also if they are installed it will say they "are the newest version"..but let's start from output there..maybe we can get down to it and get you going..

Ubuntu is based off fedora, and popos is based off Ubuntu.

I though ubuntu was based off Debian?

I can include a screenshot of that as well.

no just copy and paste part of the terminal output... that will be enough..

but ..let me fire up a VB and load Pop OS myself..that will help both of us tackle this. I will report in a few hours...

Thanks akafox, I'll try that tonight. ^_^

You're welcome I know it can be difficult to find help with linux.

I love how much Wine has evolved since I used Linux last, I'm actually thinking about deleting Windows entirely from my computer, I haven't logged in for over a month.

Yes WINE has improved a lot..but don't go deleting windows if you can help it. WINE is FAR from perfect. But it can get you by...
If you can leave windows on there for a back up just in case. I run Virtual box for some things because Linux just will NOT work for it (WINE). I'm just saying be SURE you can get by with a 100% Linux setup. Most hardware is made for windows as well...

I'll let you know tomorrow if I was successful. LOL. Time to jump down the dependency rabbit hole. XD

Good Luck! Alice makes her trip look like a fun ride compared to dependency rabbit holes at times! xD And like I said I can help and there are a few other linux users on here ..somewhere...

General / Re: Game works when ran from emulator, but not from frontend
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:36:34 AM »
Yes final burn neo has filters and all that jazz like nebula. The retroarch core works well for filters and overlays as well.

Note that not to many people are happy with Final Burn Alpha. The person that ran that sold the emulator to Capcom for the Arcade 1UP cabinets err  something like that... So there was a spit (fork) of that emulator. In fact I don't think FBA is even updated any longer... (actually it is..via github....however Final burn neo runs native linux...meaning not needing wine like final burn alpha.)

Yeah it maybe some weird hand off thing or something. But honestly I have tried to launch a games from the MAME gui and it tells me "I can't run" but when ran from the command line it runs just fine without errors or problems. *shrugs*

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