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General / Re: Help with Duckstation...
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:55:09 PM »
Oh wait maybe i am wrong here...

so the emulator's (duckstation) stays on the screen when you quit the game...(thus over attract mode)?

(I thought you were saying attract mode was over the emulator while it was going.  *crawls under a rock and dies from embarrassment...!*)

there are two exe to use from the github called

try the 'no gui' version of the emulator for attract mode and see if that solves your problem.
(I don't run windows and WINE doesn't like duckstation...but for the linux version of duckstation I use the nogui version I think that is why there are two programs/ is to just use...and the other is to use with a front end like attract mode

Emulators / MOVED: Help with Duckstation...
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:37:36 PM »
moved to the main forum as you might find better help there in this problem..

(not sure it is an emulator issue by it self)

General / Re: Help with Duckstation...
« on: April 15, 2021, 07:36:33 PM »
moved to the main forum from the emulators section not sure it is an emulator issue by it self

(and you might find better help there in this problem..)

Emulators / Re: Best Compression for Specific Emulators
« on: April 10, 2021, 11:46:06 AM »
Just to note here...

For those of you who are afraid of the command line/terminal the Gui program from qmc2 still works. While i do not recommend that you use thee emulator part (though I doubt it will steal all your chickens if you is just and older version of mame that has not been updated) as i said the gui works fine and yes it uses the newest version of chdmame (the version you tell it to use. So grab the newest one from mame dev).

In windows it should work "out of the box" in liunx use wine

Emulators / Re: Best Compression for Specific Emulators
« on: April 10, 2021, 11:40:30 AM »
I did convert my psx (one) games from pbp to chd and saved 150(?) GB so now they fit nicely onto a 512 GB SSD for my pi with room to breathe. I do know that versions of chdman has made tighter and tighter (better?) compression with each version.

On to the PS2 though, I don't have a full set (I can't even image the amount of space that would take!..actually 3-4TB would be my estimation.) I compressed Dark Cloud from a 1.8G iso file to a 938Gb cso format file then to a 759GB chd format file. So a whole Gigabyte from raw iso to chd format? That is a good chunk of spaced saved but not all games will compress down that far I would think... (Bloody Roar 3 in bin/cue is 671MB to cso format it is 517MB to chd it is 488Mb so only a 183MB difference..maybe i should compare another raw iso not a bin/cue?)

 From what I understand the cso format that is used for ps2 compression is lossless much like chd..I could be wrong? PCSX2 supports chd now I hear...but with drives getting bigger and cheaper..will it matter if things are compressed? Than again the Raspberry Pi 8 might run PS2 on day?...and 4Terabyte Micro SD cards are not cheap! :P

Interesting to think that we thought 650GB was huge it just seems..quaint after 25 years  ::)

General / Re: Linux segfault on launch of attractmode
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:22:54 AM »
well truth be told I had to reinstall my entire hard I took another try. No open chicken coop again...this time I get:

Attract-Mode v2.6.1 (Linux, SFML 2.5.1 +FontConfig +SWF +7z)
avcodec 58.54.100 / avformat 58.29.100 / swscale 5.5.100 / avutil 56.31.100 / swresample 3.5.100

Config: /home/user/.attract/attract.cfg
 - Constructed 1 filters in 0 ms (1 comparisons)
Failed to get output info for.primary monitor position <- at least an error this time!
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

However...I solved the problem...instead of using the github repository I just downloaded the tarball from the downloads page compiled it like normal and everything worked! *shrugs* heck if I know..

I do find it odd though...maybe I can do a log file or something and pinpoint the problem? I would hate for a new update to come out and it fail like this...
in the post you mentioned at least they got and "can't find font" error. I was getting nothing the first time around..then the screen error message the second time.
So what is the difference between the tarball and the current github?, I guess is my question....

at least I got this chicken coop open..heh...

Emulators / stand alone enulators or libretro cores?
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:12:01 AM »
I have used multiple emulators for all my retro gaming for many years. Then I found retroarch. I hated it....

I was stuck in my old ways and understanding...but I gave retroarch a chance and well it's what I use now..well almost...

See some retroarch cores just don't work as well as some stand alone emulators...however I had almost forgotten stand alone emulators exist still. So I am a little behind heh...

I would like to build a list of current stand alone emulators. I say current..old emulators like fusion still work..but not been updated in some time. As time moves on they tend not to work with newer OSes and computers...(when you make the list please note the OS, the system emulated and the name of the emulator. When adding the URL please link to the home page or github page. No links to multi emulator sites please!

I'll start this ball rolling...

dreamcast                                         Redream                                Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
Nintendo Entertainment System          Mesen                                    Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
Super Nintendo Entertainment System MesenS                                  Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
(Muliti-System)                                  Mednafen                    Lin/Win/Mac
arcade/multisystem                            MAME                      Lin/Win/Mac
Arcade                                              FinalBurn Neo   Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
BBC Micro computer                           B-EM               Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
Classic MAC                                       MiniVmac   Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi

once we get it all together I'll make a clean readable table..maybe... :P

General / Linux segfault on launch of attractmode
« on: March 31, 2021, 08:33:41 AM »
Okay...give me some hints if you can here...

I just compiled attract mode on a new install of ubuntu mate 20.04. Source came from github, No errors that i can see on compile.

According to apt all dependencies are installed and up to date (which is why I could finish compiling..but just for completeness sake...)

when starting AM with ./atrract (from the source folder) and after a make install I get:

Attract-Mode v2.6.1 (Linux, SFML 2.5.1 +FontConfig +SWF +7z)
avcodec 58.54.100 / avformat 58.29.100 / swscale 5.5.100 / avutil 56.31.100 / swresample 3.5.100

Config file not found: /home/user/.attract/attract.cfg
 - Constructed 1 filters in 0 ms (1 comparisons)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Normally on first start if will ask for language make the needed folders have be pick a language and i am off and going...but it makes nothing.

Confused...any help or ideas would be great. :D

General / Re: help flycast?
« on: March 31, 2021, 08:13:19 AM »
need more information...

what operating system are you using? are you using a stand alone emulator or are you using a the libretro core?
(and you can look at the flycast documentation to help with that as well.)

are you having trouble making your config file work?
are there any errors that happen?

that is info we nee to know to help you

Easiest way to do that is to make all your lists and then combine them all using a text editor (just copy and paste) then you have a master list

I think AM will also make one for you...but i have never done that trick.

Emulators / Re: street fighter 2 mix
« on: March 06, 2021, 09:06:17 AM »
it might be a hack or homebrew...but let's not push it okay? we can not link to roms.

Emulators / Re: help game boy advance
« on: March 06, 2021, 08:59:21 AM »
it could also be that your BIOS is not the correct size or CRC some emulators are VERY picky about that.

I have to agree with mahuti on the advice given there

Emulators / Re: REDREAM EMULATOR "dreamcast"
« on: March 06, 2021, 08:56:18 AM »
mi pregunta es : y si mis roms estan comprimidas todas en .zip ? y que si al descomprimir están en .gdi   , las podre hacer funcionar de esta manera o tengo que descomprimir en carpetas independientes pues ustedes entenderán que cada juego .gdi viene con unos archivos .bin y raw que no se pueden intercambiar con los demás juegos , así que se tendría que dejar cada juego por lo mismo en una carpeta independiente ... como seria la linea de comando para poder ejecutarlos de esta manera ? agradezco ayuda y atencion gracias

No hablo español. Aunque intentaré ayudarte

Honestamente, convertiría el .gdi a .chd usando chdman (viene con MAME) de esa manera es un solo archivo y tiene un tamaño más pequeño. (A veces, incluso más pequeño que un archivo .7z). Si comprime un archivo con 7-zip, su sistema debe decoprimirlo primero y eso aumenta el tiempo de carga. Con el formato chd, esta necesidad de descomprimir no es necesaria, por lo que sus tiempos de carga son más rápidos.

Emulators / PSP and NIN Switch killer??
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:37:40 AM »
Yeah yeah I know this forum is about emulation and this is hardware I am talking about on this post but umm well just look at at it!

and note that it has made 8,207% of it's funding goal sooo...I think they MIGHT have the money to put it out huh?  :P

So as far as I can tell it is a real intel CPU and a dedicated GPU with 16GB DDR4 RAM (yes I know it's not desktop hardware but i am not comparing it to one either :P )

So here is what I think...because it runs windows 10 natively it will be easy to program for run any native Windows game or app...I would guess right? So is should of course be able to run emulators! :D

So dies this mean I can take my Atari 2600 up to an maybe including PS2 games on the go? I can not wait to see this tired for emulation.
What do you all think? (yeah I know it's pricey but that is not the point here.)

General / Re: BIN/CUE roms, how to "prefer CUE if available"?
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:23:08 AM »
First I have to ask why you are using bins for some and cues for one. Use cues for all of them just to make sure you get the music/sounds. I am just curious. It would help to know what system you are trying to work with (PSX, Sega CD, Dreamcast...ect.) Because as progets pointed out you can use a compressed version of the game.

Either that or set the cue file as a separate "emulator" and have the extension type set as .cue. generate your list. then close AM open the new list you just made in a text editor and copy just the game info (the entire line) and paste it into the list it should be on. Reload AM and then go back to settings...displays set the single use 'emulator" to display and cycle to off (or no). Then go back to the games list.

You should now have the game in the list where it should be should load the cue as default and the "cue emulator" not be seen.

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