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Hi! here some work in progress with that beautifull background.

I think, perhaps is time to close this topic, and start a new layout WIP topic ?

Sorry about my english , i wanted to say is : is more funny for me to create original one than just copy the work of another person. I think google translator is not perfect for my poor English, I don’t want to disparaging the work of nobody , sorry .

Good luck, i will wait for your works !!! any retropie Layout in great MGalaxy style based will be very very wellcome!!!!

And Arcade

Themes / LAVA v1.0 Official Release.
« on: June 11, 2019, 07:01:02 AM »
Here is a video of the previous version , early state of design, i will update the video soon.

Download the official Lava v1.0 theme from here:!AdFF3ApI!OM6g5N3kRDAoolsu08pXk3oTVQwCshsBuA0jcsnEaBY

For good order, if you don't have them already, you can download the random wheel sounds from here and place them at your main Attract folder in a folder named 'sounds':!gJs0nQ7a!q4nYNGwxIa8Mo1mPJJ5t9HGJF58vkNe13rlNoNfl708

By the way.. here is the original inspiration, MGalaxy Frontend. It is made in Unity.

I am working in a variation of this AM too, i like very much the style, i am searching a solution in AM to make the layout change light with hour of the day, any help will be wellcome ;)

Themes / takoni
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:31:04 AM »
Here my 2007 Mala layout converted to AM, I have mix some arts and other layouts ideas around AM.

You need a few folders personalization to make this layout work 100%.!OJYWHKJC!aKQ1pTx6R1oMvRZDrk26gRPm6FS2FzctQBIj0bHHo3k

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