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Themes / Re: NEO GEO mini RED MVS edition
« Last post by verion on Today at 05:50:51 AM »
Actually interface is not too bad (I've expected much worse).

What is really BAD that they put that tiny 3.5" screen.
I didn't realise how ridiculously small it is until this video.

But they could fit almost 5" in this cab!
see my comparison HERE
Themes / Re: Neo Geo Mini Theme
« Last post by qqplayer on Today at 04:08:27 AM »
I´m working (with Oomeks help ;D) on my own version based on Verion`s.
I have to make a sepparate post.
Scripting / Re: Delay artwork for quick search
« Last post by Marcoqwerty on Today at 03:18:59 AM »


Damn i checked this video and looks like this feature its already made....mmm...but so no look like my setup... gosh
Scripting / Re: Delay artwork for quick search
« Last post by kent79 on Today at 03:01:04 AM »
What theme are you using?
Scripting / Delay artwork for quick search
« Last post by Marcoqwerty on Today at 02:59:09 AM »

I've read some topic about this question but no one fully helpful on my theme.

I'm using COOLS theme.

My aim is  show regular snap (png) for a small amount of time and after play videosnap at the end of it.

Better (to no stress the CPU and making some issue during the quick search) load all the artwork togheter with videosnap (wheel and flyer), maybe with a fade.

I hope someone point me in a right direction, specially which file i must to edit.

Thank you!
Scripting / Re: info and number of buttons?
« Last post by zpaolo11x on Today at 02:17:33 AM »

Is Info.Buttons available on all versions of Mame? I'm running AM with Mame 0.185 and Info.Buttons doesn't return anything...
Scripting / Search string for mutiple fields
« Last post by zpaolo11x on Today at 02:07:56 AM »
Is it possible to craft a search string for fe.overlay.search_string that looks into more fields at the same time?

Right now the syntax I know is something like "Field contains regexp" where "Field" can be Title, Year, Manufacturer etc, while regexp is the text to find (but also allows some regexp tricks like [] to insert multiple letters etc). I don't know if it's possible to apply a search string that looks in title or manufacturer or year or category. Something like "Title contains regexp || Manufacturer contains regexp" etc

Is it even possible?

The way I would use it is not to create refined searches but just to look for the same user-input text in ALL meaningful fields. So that if I put 198 in search I'll end with all the games done in the 80's, or if I put Toaplan I get all the games made by toaplan, without having to chose beforehand what field to apply the search.
Themes / Neo Geo Mini Theme
« Last post by kent79 on Yesterday at 11:15:31 PM »

verion version is better more  :(
Themes / Re: NEO GEO mini RED MVS edition
« Last post by kent79 on Yesterday at 11:09:53 PM »
Themes / Re: Help with the language.
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 06:56:33 PM »
What OS are you using and have you properly set the language, keyboard, location, etc. settings?

If your OS is Linux you should see the console messages/errors from AM. If you're using Windows you can try...
1. Download the console version of AM from here
2. Extract the attract.exe file and rename it to attract-console.exe.
3. Place this file in your existing AM install folder and run it. You should see what's happening in the console window as you scroll through the games.
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