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Scripting / Enable/disable plugins on-the-fly from script?
« Last post by Arcadefan1 on Today at 08:41:51 AM »
Is there a way to enable or disable a plugin from within a script?

Thanks guys
Themes / Re: SILKY Theme v0.6.9 beta
« Last post by calle81 on Today at 02:32:00 AM »
Hey Oomek, another coding question for you.

Is it possible to make the gamelist transparent? I noticed it's transparent briefly when it slides in or out, but then it becomes opaque when you scroll thru the list of games. I think it would look cool seeing the flyers change under the list of titles.

I tried playing with some stuff in layout.nut, but as usual I don't know what I'm doing so didn't figure it out.

You need to change the opacity value for the animations. Look for lines similar to this (there are multiple, one for each transition):

gameListBoxAnimA.from = 0 = 255

And change 255 to something lower like 200.

Or you can make it an option in layout config:

   </ label="List Box Opacity", help="Set List Box Opacity. 255 is equal to no opacity", options="100,200,255", order=16 /> ListBoxOpacity="255";   

local ListBoxAlpha = my_config["ListBoxOpacity"].tointeger();

then instead of 255 just set ListBoxAlpha:

gameListBoxAnimA.from = 0 =  ListBoxAlpha
General / Re: X360/PS3 Home Button Request
« Last post by dukpoki on Yesterday at 11:33:59 PM »
you need an external software, like this, this, this or this

Yeah thanks a lot!  Button on guide works extremely well.
General / Screensaver video snap quality on retropie zero
« Last post by wet8092 on Yesterday at 08:07:03 PM »
I'm using a retropie zero for a classic 8bit arcade machine.  I'm using nevato theme but the video is very choppy in the classic arcade menu but fine for other emulator menus (ie new, snes, etc).  I think it has to do with the tilt of the video in the arcade menu versus the standard "no tilt" display of the other menus, but not positive.  I reduced the video quality and it plays fine and looks good enough in the menu, but the screensaver video looks horrible full screen.

Is there any way to have the screensaver pull video snaps from a different snap folder versus the snaps used in the emulator menu?  Or, can a single video be selected and played such that I can just have 1 high quality video for the screensaver?

I've played around with screensaver.nut and can change index_offset to manipulate which video is played versus the current game, but I can't make it select just a single video or point to another snap folder.  Appreciate any help.
General / needing some serious help!
« Last post by toothlessgrinn on Yesterday at 07:57:52 PM »
i dont know WTF but i cant seem to get any kind of distro to work but windows. i dont want windows i m trying to make a cabinet that is just for games and i dont know wtf im doing wrong... ive tried every one i could find . most are either very old abandoned or just garbage. groovyarcade was updated last year and comes with AM built in and thats what im wanting but it keeps giving me errors about my drive not available. something about allready partitioned... WTMF!?!? im no dummy but evidently except for this stuff.... can some one PLEASE help me out????? ive been dealing with the program side of this for over 2 weeks and im ready to smash this cab into pieces!!!

the cab is a custom build by me ... asus mb i3 8g ram (if this even matters)

groovyarcade is the last update may of 2017 x86_64

it does work just in live mode . it wont let me install to hdd. i get stuck at the partitioning part...

THANK YOU very much in advance to who ever can help me keep at least half of my hair!!!
General / Re: Inverted controls?
« Last post by dukpoki on Yesterday at 12:56:56 PM »
Try setting next_game and prev_game.

Thanks but that's one of the first things I've tried and it did not work.  The moment I set Prev Game to "left keyboard arrow" then it dissociates the existing "left keyboard arrow" bind for "LEFT (Previous Display)".   Resulting in the Left bind being broken/disassociated/not working in the config menus.

This is what happens:
General / Re: Mac and Ubuntu builds?
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 12:54:07 PM »
Hi, anyone got up to date Mac and Ubuntu builds that they can share?

Attractmode builds? I compiled latest Mac build of attractmode and could share if that’s what you want. It works, but has errors.
No problem.  I'm glad it worked out!  :)
Scripting / Re: Any way to hide attract mode using scripts?
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 11:54:39 AM »
I am trying to add a script to view PDF manuals, using fbgs. Attract mode is running on a Raspberry Pi without X.
I have set the script to run when custom2 (currently 'M') is pressed. The script is running, but attract mode still draws on top.
Is there any way to hide it without restarting it, or is this a different issue?

Try "Full Screen" mode instead of the default "Fill Screen". Pi FAQ #5
Themes / Re: Layout theme released
« Last post by ryuuji on Yesterday at 07:40:46 AM »
Tried it today but the default controls do not work (arrows) to browse the game list ... weird ... but looks awesome  :)
Thanks for sharing!
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