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Themes / Re: [download v1.0] FLAT BLUE theme released
« Last post by Favdeacon on Today at 02:11:09 AM »
I found the error: The artwork path has to be named "icon", not "icons".

I converted my icons from ico to png and it works now. Thanks!

edit: I mistook your "---" for a signature divider and thus overlooked your second reply. :)

I would use the unzipped version – if it worked on my system (Kubuntu Linux 14.04). See my reply above.
Themes / Re: [download v1.0] FLAT BLUE theme released
« Last post by verion on Yesterday at 01:33:11 PM »
My icons are in .ico format. Which file formats are supported?



I have no clue about the errors - but I can see that you are using zip theme. If it's on RPi I would wait for RPi optimized version. If not please use the theme unzipped - it's much faster this way.
Themes / Re: [download v1.0] FLAT BLUE theme released
« Last post by Favdeacon on Yesterday at 01:24:55 PM »
Alas, it doesn't work for me. My emulators/mame.cfg:

Code: [Select]
# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.2.1-50
executable           $HOME/bin/mame64
args                 -video bgfx [name]
rompath              $HOME/mame/roms
romext               .zip;.7z;<DIR>
system               Arcade
import_extras        $HOME/mame/mame.xml;$HOME/mame/catver.ini
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    flyer           $HOME/mame/cabinets;$HOME/mame/flyers
artwork    icons           $HOME/mame/icons
artwork    marquee         $HOME/mame/marquees
artwork    snap            $HOME/mame/snap;$HOME/mame/videosnaps
artwork    wheel           $HOME/mame/wheel-missing;$HOME/mame/wheel

The flat_blue portion of my attract.cfg:

Code: [Select]
layout_config flat_blue
param                crt_shader Disabled
param                game_info_1 Year
param                game_info_2 Manufacturer
param                layout_rotation None
param                menu_art_type Icon
param                menu_video Disabled
param                scanline_strength Weakest
param                shadow_strength Medium
param                show_wheel Enabled

My icons are in .ico format. Which file formats are supported?

edit: There is an error about a missing "panels" index. I don't think that it is connected to the icons problem, but here it is nonetheless:

Code: [Select]
AN ERROR HAS OCCURED [the index 'panels' does not exist]

*FUNCTION [constructor()]  line [74]
*FUNCTION [main()]  line [92]

[layout_settings] TABLE
[test_resolution] INSTANCE
[layout] INSTANCE
[vargv] ARRAY
[this] TABLE
Script Error in /home/user/.attract/layouts/ (flat_blue/layout.nut) - the index 'panels' does not exist
 - Loaded layout: /home/user/.attract/layouts/ (flat_blue/layout.nut)
General / Re: A problem with "Hide_Console"
« Last post by Xazuki on Yesterday at 12:38:58 PM »
It doesn't have a problem finding attract.cfg as all the other settings and data is present and correct, it just seems to ignore the hide_console setting when launched through Steam. Unless I am misunderstanding what you were saying, in which case could you please go in to more detail about what you suggested?
Themes / Re: [download v1.0] FLAT BLUE theme released
« Last post by verion on Yesterday at 09:44:01 AM »
[options] emulators > mame > add artwork

Artwork label    Icons
Artwork Path     path_to_your _icon_folder


And then in theme settings switch
Menu artwork.  [Icon]


And that's it
General / windows joystick numbering
« Last post by slydog43 on Yesterday at 08:41:37 AM »
I'm having some issues with joystick numbering in AM.  Does anyone know how this is done.  What I'm looking for is a way to specify a number for each joystick by its USB device ID.   MAME has this capability now by using controller files and using something like

<mapdevice device="Generic   USB  Joystick   product_00060079-0000-0000-0000-504944564944 instance_719b54d0-567f-11e7-8001-444553540000" controller="JOYCODE_5" />
I'm looking for something like this.  Windows is very strange how it assigns numbers to joysticks upon boot, its not always the same.  Thanks

Themes / Re: NxL theme! [Release] new video!2-4-2017 Update
« Last post by Cormano on Yesterday at 06:45:19 AM »
Hey there! I absolutely love that theme. Actually built an arcade box based on that and it looks amazing.
I do have a major issue though - it looks like AM keeps running in the background hogging CPU usage after I launch games. I don't get that issue with other AM themes. Could you please advise?

With NxL theme:

With any other theme:
Emulators / How to mount .cue files in Dosbox?
« Last post by huettmaster on Yesterday at 03:52:06 AM »

i want to play Dungeon Keeper on my Raspi in Dosbox. Starting the game is no Problem but it asks me where the CD is. This is my Dungeon which starts the game from attractmode:

Code: [Select]
/opt/retropie/emulators/dosbox/bin/dosbox -c "mount c /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/pc" -c "c:" -c "cd KEEPER" -c "KEEPER.EXE" -c "exit"

The path to the .bin and .cue is the following

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Can someone make a working code from it?that would be great! Thank you!
General / Re: A problem with "Hide_Console"
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 01:05:09 AM »
Try adding your Attract-Mode folder to you Windows "path". Then when you launch Attract-Mode use the "-c" switch to provide the path of your configuration.
General / Re: 3 Unresolved Windows Issues
« Last post by feltz916 on Yesterday at 12:09:45 AM »
thanks for the reply, but resfix is already enabled :(
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