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General / Attract Mode config for Sega32x and GameGear
« Last post by FB911 on Today at 05:10:38 AM »
Hi all,

Could someone please provide me with their configuration needed to add Sega32x and GameGear to the list of choices in Attract Mode?

General / Re: How to set up attract mode step by step
« Last post by mbruck on Today at 04:47:17 AM »
"Separately from attract mode"....
that sounds correct but...I'm thinking you mean something else...

does it open and then attractmode is in the background? or something else?

Yes, that is correct. i.e. I play a rom for NES and the Nestopia emulator pops up and starts running with attractmode in the background. The rom/emulator doesn't boot directly within attractmode.
Thank you for the replies in both my threads... I will give them a try tomorrow.

As for .94...  It just seems I already had a bunch of working roms for that version.  I dont really even know the difference between the two. Please enlighten me!    (One thing I am wondering if you need samples in 1.04 for example...donkey kong?)

Most all of my experience is in Windows MAME AND Hyperspin....and mostly later versions, like after 144 or something. The whole Linux thing is Greek to me but this ol dog likes learning new tricks!

I am not afraid of compiling a newer set if need be... About the only game even remotely taxing is Metal Slug. Most all are things like Pacman, DK, Galaga, Frogger, etc... And it seems to play them good enough for this project.

But again, if there is an advantage to the newer version I definitely would like to know.

Thanks again...we will see if I can figure these things out... i have my doubts  ;)

EDIT- I did actually find the correct folder earlier this afternoon for the high scores...working fine.  Thanks tho!!
Emulators / retroarch zipped or not?
« Last post by akafox on Yesterday at 10:26:11 PM »
Am I correct inassming that it's better to leave roms (non-arcade) uncompessed on the sd card when using retroarch it and then there are less writes to the card..or am i wrong? (this being less read it extends the life of my card.)
General / Re: How to set up attract mode step by step
« Last post by akafox on Yesterday at 10:07:45 PM »
I can now get games to open, but they don't open within Attract Mode. Attempting to open a game within the front-end opens it in Nestopia separately from Attract Mode. Any idea why it's doing that? I didn't see an answer elsewhere in the forum to fix this issue. Once I can get this I will hopefully be done asking you questions. I appreciate all of your help!

"Separately from attract mode"....
that sounds correct but...I'm thinking you mean something else...

does it open and then attractmode is in the background? or something else?
General / Re: Sorry, yet another XML romlist naming question
« Last post by akafox on Yesterday at 06:07:42 PM »
you need to make sure your mame/arcade config is set correctly. Start attract mode -> press tab -> configure -> mame

once there change the info source to listxml

Note it will take longer if you have it set to and it will not be as accurate. Also you MUST be connected to the internet for option to work. If you're not already connected then you will get a list of rom names (ex. dkong) and NOT long names. (ex. Donkey Kong). Using the listxml you don't have to be connected as it uses advmame's internal xml..and thus you get correct names on line or off line. From there you can change emulators if advmame doesn't run the game game as well as another.

(Although I use advmame 3.1 for everything and haven't had a problem yet.)

If you want a xml file then exit attract mode and type:

Code: [Select]
advmame -listxml >> advmame.xml
and wait till you have a prompt will find it the /home/pi folder has locations of all the config files the advmame doumentation
General / Re: Stupid Mistake in the Controls Conf
« Last post by akafox on Yesterday at 06:05:04 PM »
1. Delete the attract.cfg in the /home/pi/.attract folder (yes a dot (.) and then restart attractmode


2. open the attract.cfg in the /home/pi/.attract folder it in nano and look for the
Code: [Select]

and by the configure delete the key you set and type in Tab

Code: [Select]
configure            Tab

now save it (ctrl-x if using nano)
restart attractmode
2. Is there a way to disable the "hit any key to configure" box when the rom loads after being selelected from the wheel?  Whenever my young nephews are at the cab they are always pressing buttons which takes them into the menu... Luckily nothing has been messed up yet but it is only a matter of time.  On a related note is there a way to disable the "Continue/Exit" box that flashes up with some roms when quitting a game?  Will attach pics...sorry, cant figure out how to resize them.

As for the first part..that has to do with the retropie part of the image..and nothing to do with attractmode. That I am wondering myself..and I soon as I find something..anything...I will let you know.

As for the boxes "press left or right..blah blah"..and the exit screen have nothing to do with attract mode or retropie for that matter. It has everything to do with advance mame (the emulator) itself. Advmame is not a libretro core..but a pure emulator.

To fix both you edit this file:
 you can ssh in can quit attractmode and edit the file locally on your TV with a keyboard connected to the pi or you can use the retropie menu (in emulationstation) --> configuration editor --> advanced configuration -->
manually edit all non retroarch configurations --> mame-advmame/advmame-0.94.0.rc

once there change these lines:
from misc_quiet no to misc_quiet yes

for the "security exit"
from misc_safequit yes to misc_safequitno

save the changes.

to save your high scores you need to put your hiscore.dat into your /home/pi/.advance folder. (yes a dot . it's a hidden folder)

Out of curiousity why are you using advance mame .94 and not 1.04?
General / Sorry, yet another XML romlist naming question
« Last post by Matt68061 on Yesterday at 05:11:55 PM »
Ok... Thought I had a handle on this. Retropie is still just a bit unfamiliar to me. I struggle to find where things (correct files, configs, etc.) are located. Trying to get Attractmode to display the game names rather than the rom name in Advance Mame .94.

Should I be using an XML list that uses the word "Machine" or "Game?"  I have both...just not sure what to use with the version of MAME I am using.

Where exactly should this XML file be placed?

Do I need to set this in a cfg file anywhere  (Or just from the Edit Emulator after tabbing) before generating the romlist.

I have read about 20 threads and links and just cant get this to work??

Thank you for your patience with all my questions! Im almost there!   ;D
General / Re: Rpi 3 Attract Mode v0.5 - Setting up Shaders
« Last post by Floob on Yesterday at 02:57:51 PM »
You can set shaders up in the configuration menu:

There should be an option in the menu to flip between AM and Emulation Station, although you can access the retropie setup from AM menu anyway:
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