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Scripting / Re: Beginners Guide to Coding Squirrel for Attract Mode!
« Last post by jedione on Today at 04:41:17 PM »
god dam...were you been hiding bro....good to see u up and abought...ill check out your DL...

thanks...  ps lot up on discord channel....if your interested..late
Scripting / Beginners Guide to Coding Squirrel for Attract Mode!
« Last post by sickle on Today at 01:27:50 PM »
about a year ago, i started learning to code, with the end goal of rebuilding the turbografx mini GUI as an Attract Mode layout. it took me about 2 weeks to learn enough to feel confident enough to start, and I (Basically) finished the layout within that month (May 2020). this was my first experience coding, so I was starting from scratch.

check out that layout here:

any of you who have tried to learn, or remember starting to code in squirrel know how little info there is about this language out there.

I ended up using a mix of 2 or 3 resources, the attract mode recourse thing, and that IoT tech resource that people talk about.

during my time learning, I was taking notes, and I believe that this info could be useful to others starting out!

there might be some slightly incorrect info, but I think it's all good enough to teach the basics.

the useful info starts on page 5 I think.
Updated to version 10.3.2 with focus on the Hyperspin Theme Mode layouts:
+ fixed shaders not being applied to snap when default theme is displayed in 'Hyperspin Theme Mode' layout
+ fixed default theme snap disappears when starting from it in a continuous navigation of the wheel
+ updated shaders settings code of all three Hyperspin Theme Mode based layouts to match that of At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab
+ new shaders folder structure and naming

Download link and instructions on original post page:
General / MOVED: attract mode openbor
« Last post by mahuti on Yesterday at 12:14:09 AM »
General / MOVED: help with Wii u loadiine game
« Last post by mahuti on Yesterday at 12:11:58 AM »
Emulators / Re: help with Wii u loadiine game
« Last post by hermine.potter on Yesterday at 12:09:14 AM »
Hope you are the proud owner of the games. and these are backup copies ^-^

>Add games to AM direct:
discussion started here
Problem is : the games do not have the same structure (the name of rpx-file is always different; within the .xml you found the name of rpx-file too).

so you can try to edit all files to this structure:

edit there the .xml files too to GameName.rpx

maybe it works. i do not know.

>add links to AM:
did you use board search? there exists different threads adding batch, shortcuts, links (.lnk) to AM:
Here. Section windows_games
Emulators / Re: filters advmame ?
« Last post by mahuti on February 25, 2021, 11:57:44 PM »
You may want to ask the question on the advmame message boards:
Emulators / Re: filters advmame ?
« Last post by mahuti on February 25, 2021, 11:50:56 PM »
I don't think that Advmame has support for shaders. So it would not be possible.
Emulators / filters advmame ?
« Last post by glaysonmestre on February 25, 2021, 07:49:07 PM »

windows screen effect
is it possible to put these options in this video on the advmame? I would like to activate these filters and see which one is better, and which one would look more like an arcade monitor on an LCD screen
Scripting / Re: Pos Positioning Module
« Last post by mahuti on February 25, 2021, 07:29:37 PM »
I just added a nearest_neighbor function for relatively scaling bitmap images with their edges intact.

Code: [Select]
local digdug = fe.add_image("sprites.png", 0,0)

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