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Scripting / Question about carrier.nut image sizing.
« Last post by keithcorcoran on Yesterday at 06:21:59 PM »
What setting controls the size of the images in the carrier slider?

Aside from making wheel images exactly the size you want... I'd like to use existing wheel images, have 1 image display at a time with the rest off screen, but constrain the size of the image to a fixed width (without stretching the image)

Currently if I dont resize the image and feed it the image size I want on screen, the carrier scales the image to fit the width or height since there's only 1 on the screen.

General / Re: AM hangs on exit from MAME
« Last post by Bgoulette on Yesterday at 04:40:12 PM »
I tried deleting attract.cfg and letting AM rebuild it, but I still get the hang on exit. Mame works fine when running it through the command line or through the ui: it appears to be something with the way Mame and AM interact.

Any other thoughts? Help, please! Thanks!
Themes / Re: Looking for a theme showing snaps but not wheel images
« Last post by AdmiralSnackbar on Yesterday at 04:28:20 PM »
Yea I've been using the FTP and the emumovies tool. But I did something stupid. I didn't realize folder Title was meant for Wheel. I was thinking that was art for system titles or something unrelated. It makes sense now, I'm just behind a few pages. Thank you all for helping me I really appreciate it. Now I just need to get themes that work on a 4x3 resolution. I'm also using a HDMI to VGA converter which probably isn't helping.
Themes / Re: Looking for a theme showing snaps but not wheel images
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 03:19:14 PM »
Emumovies also has an ftp. I recommend joining for the lifetime fee.

Interesting point of view. I can make my mvscomplete theme use wheel optionally. Good idea!
Themes / Re: Looking for a theme showing snaps but not wheel images
« Last post by iOtero on Yesterday at 03:12:35 PM »
Almost all the themes that I have done have the option of playlists without wheels ... and some are designed not to use wheels ... you just have to search here:
Themes / Re: Looking for a theme showing snaps but not wheel images
« Last post by FrizzleFried on Yesterday at 03:11:55 PM »
Get the EMUMOVIES app and it will download/scrape all artwork you need.

Many of my themes offer the ability to use a TEXT list,  an ADVANCED TEXT list (ie smooth scrolling),  or WHEEL art.

My themes can all be had at my blog ... link in my signature ... look for AM LAYOUTS at the top menu.

Themes / Re: io_pi_refried Theme for pi. Only 4:3 resolutions (WIP)
« Last post by iOtero on Yesterday at 03:04:14 PM »
This theme I loved, but what I did not like was that the wheel disappears, it could be possible to stay the wheel and with sound every time you pass game.

Este tema me encantaba, pero lo que no me gustaba era que la rueda desaparece, podría ser posible quedarse la rueda y con sonido cada vez que pasas de juego.

Los sonidos los puedes poner tú mismo en Attract-Mode, y mi rueda no va a desaparecer...

You can put the sounds yourself in Attract-Mode, and my wheel will not disappear...
Themes / Re: Refried Theme
« Last post by iOtero on Yesterday at 03:02:06 PM »
Well, i continue with my version 4: 3 for the pi, and i will tell you that, instead of using your layouts, i chose to code from scratch, since i wanted something simpler than your version, which has all the options in the world global ... i need little complex themes for a project that i have in the process of making an img of Lakka with Attract-Mode and RetroArch ...

So i will open a new thread for my theme, if it is not annoying.

If you want to add it later and / or adapt it to your Hyperpie, for me there is no problem ...

Ok, that's awesome. I will probably steal your cropped background images and snap positioning when you are done :)

Yes, as it is said in my land: "eso te lo dejaré a punto de caramelo..."
General / Re: Raspberry-Pi-MAME-Setup-Guide
« Last post by keithcorcoran on Yesterday at 02:31:38 PM »
awesome, thanks for clarification.

this is my first project and limited in scope to an original Pi 1 and I'm only playing 3 low end games.

I'll just be happy to get the Pi running/booting into attract mode with my custom layout and those 3 mame games. :)
General / Re: Raspberry-Pi-MAME-Setup-Guide
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 02:14:57 PM »
More questions.

- do I need both MAME and AdvMAME? (any reasons why you're showing both... or is it.. pick one or the other)

- any ideas on how to compile either for 'no-nag' or is that not necessary anymore with latest versions.

also ChoccyHobNob's site has been down for couple of days.. Hope it comes back up soon. Would like to see what's there so I dont have to compile. :)

Running official mame was a test. It did not yield fast enough results on my 3 b+ to make it a good option for gameplay. I recommend advanceMAME.
misc_quiet yes | no

Any info pertaining to compiling was included in the guide I created. It was kind of scattered, and I wanted an easy step by step in case I corrupt my disk and have to start over. So I included a bunch of configuration stuff too.
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