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in the General configuration should I use video decoder - software?
I have renamed the menu_art folder and I have not frozen the displays menu, but the submenu(arcade.handles,consoles..etc) that catches the arts of the roms is still freezing...

Thanks to any one who read this post i have solved my issue.
General / Re: Several games not runing on AM
« Last post by Dread000 on Today at 01:35:22 PM »
Try changing your command arg “[romfilename]” or just “[romlistsname]” might work.
General / Re: Choppy video
« Last post by Dread000 on Today at 01:29:32 PM »
Is it the game fps your issue or is it your snaps fps please inform
I have found if u have a corrupt file or a file conflict as like name or file type the front end loops searching and overloads resources.
You might want to check for troubles like this and win 10 could be partial Culperate.
General / Path settings to connect to ftp: nas
« Last post by Dread000 on Today at 01:10:38 PM »
I have been trying to connect ...path to nas ftp and it continues to state file location does not exists.
If any one has an suggestions  for me i would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance
Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 1.4 [Release] Updated 22 Apr 2018
« Last post by zpaolo11x on Today at 10:46:33 AM »
Updated Arcadeflow to version 1.4, see the first post for what's new!
Themes / Re: [V1.0 Release][WIP] Famicom Mini/NES Mini theme
« Last post by LegoJedi on Today at 04:28:34 AM »

The only problem I'm having with this theme is I have no idea how to get the background image to change to the right ones for each system. Mine is just stuck on the default.

It is very easy to change the background images, but you cannot do it within attract mode. You have to do it by renaming files in the downloaded folder.

The layout folder "Famicom Mini Ui" consists of two folders; systems and ui. In order to change the background image for each system, you can start by simply duplicating the "Famicom Mini Ui" folder and rename it as the prefered system you want to crate a layout for.

Say you wanted to create a layout for playstation, rename it as "Playstation Mini Ui" (you can rename it however you like).

After that enter the folder named "systems". Delete (or rename) the files called "default-menu.png" and "default.png".  After that, the final step is to rename the the images you want to use in your layout. In this case rename "playstation-menu.png" to "default-menu.png" and "playstation.png" to "default.png".

After that you are set. Simply add the layout to your system and choose "Playstation Mini Ui" as the layout for your emulator within attract mode.
Themes / Auto Wheel Creator Theme
« Last post by qqplayer on Today at 04:00:59 AM »

Video demo:

Explanation: : extract inside "modules" folder, LITTLE MOD FROM ARCADEBLISS CONVEYOUR_HELPER , ALL CREDITS TO HIM FOR HIS WORK  :)

Three "border example wheels inside the zip" , credits to "Viking" from the launchbox forums.

Base wheel names has to be the "Emulator" names to work. : extract inside layouts folder

Example for "Sega Mega Drive" emulator

Code: [Select]
fe.layout.font = fe.game_info(Info.Emulator); Needs to be alongside the layout.nut and with the same "Emulator" name

Code: [Select]
      // ----------- List Item Content: Text -----------
      spinList.text.message = "[Title]";
      spinList.text.alignment = Align.Centre;           // OPTIONS:left/right/center
      spinList.text.normal.font = fe.game_info(Info.Emulator);
      spinList.text.normal.size = 18;                // OPTIONS: text font size for every gameList item = 255;            // OPTIONS: text font red color channel 0 - 255 = 255;         // OPTIONS: text font green color channel 0 - 255 = 255;            // OPTIONS: text font blue color channel 0 - 255
      spinList.text.currentlySelected.font = fe.game_info(Info.Emulator);
      spinList.text.currentlySelected.size = 18;       // OPTIONS: text font size for every gameList item = 255;   // OPTIONS: text font red color channel 0 - 255 = 255; // OPTIONS: text font green color channel 0 - 255 = 255;  // OPTIONS: text font blue color channel 0 - 255

Customize text and color options when "logo wheel" is not found.

Code: [Select]
         temp = object.add_customGameItemContent("text", "[Title]", 5 ,30 ,190 ,120);
         temp.font = object.text.normal.font;
         temp.word_wrap = true;
         temp.charsize  = object.text.normal.size;
         temp.align = object.text.alignment;

Text size and position.

Code: [Select]
         temp = object.add_customGameItemContent("artwork","wheel", 20 ,60 ,150 ,60 );
         temp.preserve_aspect_ratio = object.artwork.preserveAspect;
         temp.trigger = Transition.EndNavigation;
         object.gi_textFallback = true;

Base size and position.
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