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Scripting / Re: ScrollingText by press a button
« Last post by Neosys on Today at 08:43:50 AM »
Did I understand correctly that it would be possible with the button on and off?
But how? Can you help me?
Scripting / Re: Controls module v1.0!
« Last post by calle81 on Today at 06:01:24 AM »
Is it possible to make a sub-menu that popups when you press a specific button? Would be great to see a code snippet I can steal to incorporate into themes. :)
The layouts are already so crowded so I'm having a hard time imaging how to fit the buttons I want.
Themes / Re: flipper "theme preview"
« Last post by bundangdon on Today at 05:58:14 AM »
Great work! Very elegant and polished. Although i'd rather have the video/screenshot in the middle and the games-menu on the left or right. That's just my preference though  ;D
Scripting / Re: KeyboardSearch module
« Last post by Arcadefan1 on Today at 05:15:52 AM »
Hi guys!
I've figured it out. When I add a line of code, the search result will update the shown artwork on the fly, every time you change the search term. Before the change it seems that it is only done when the "fe.list.search_rule" is set with content for the first time. After that the artwork won't refresh. So what I did was clear the search_rule before adding another letter to the search term...

Look at the code snippet...
Code: [Select]
//update the current search rule
    function update_rule()
            local rule = "Title contains " + _massage(text)
            print( "Rule: " + rule )
            switch ( config.mode )
                case "next_match":
                    print("jumping to: " + text)
                    if ( text.len() == 0 ) return
                    local s = fe.filters[fe.list.filter_index].size
                    for ( local i = 1; i < s; i++ )
                        local name = fe.game_info( Info.Title, i ).tolower()
                        if ( regexp( text ).capture(name) ) {
                            fe.list.index = (fe.list.index+i)%s
                case "show_results":
                    print("results for: " + text)
                    //fe.list.search_rule = "Title contains mario"

 // the following line does the trick
    fe.list.search_rule = ""
// -------------------------------------------------

                    fe.list.search_rule = ( text.len() > 0 ) ? rule : ""
        } catch ( err ) { print( "Unable to apply filter: " + err ); }

I run attract mode on my vertical CRT cab. Have a look at how I have integrated the search module...
Probably not the best video hoster, but I have no idea how to show you guys a video here
Scripting / Re: Controls module v1.0!
« Last post by calle81 on Today at 02:15:50 AM »
Wow, I thought I was done with my theme for HyperPie2... Amazing work as always!  :)
General / Re: Attract mode compile on Pi3 failed
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 11:45:09 PM »
I¡m having the same segmentation fault issue compiling AM. Installing from experimental packages works, but there's no mmal hardware acceleration.  :-\

This is an issue for certain. It's been around for three weeks, since the compile was fixed for the Pi. I know that the AM build works and compiles. I don't think this is an AM issue.

I looked at the RetroPie Setup menu install script (which works) and I can see that they isolate the installs of AM and SFML and make a script to run AM in the /usr/bin folder where the "attract" executable is usually stored. I can see they use a different libjpeg than the AM docs use. I'll also mention that the SFML compile commands have recently changed (this is shown in the SFML docs) for newer firmware versions of the Pi.

I saw the issue a while ago and have made attempts to correct it. I figured someone else would have a solution by now but I guess most people are using a downloaded image or are installing via the RetroPie Setup menu. I don't use either of these and enjoy 2.3 on my Windows build but still use 2.2 on my Pi.

I think you could hack the RetroPie Setup script to get mmal. Install ffmpeg manually before hand and then edit the RetroPie Attract-Mode script to eliminate the pre-built AV modules (libavutil-dev libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libavfilter-dev libswscale-dev libavresample-dev). This isn't a great solution and I haven't tried it but it should work. Personally I'll work on or wait for a better solution.

P.S. This should really be a new thread called something like Segmentation Fault... RetroPie Image
General / Re: No sounds at first
« Last post by IceLancer on Yesterday at 07:31:37 PM »
Maybe its focus, try turning off console in options
Scripting / Re: KeyboardSearch module
« Last post by IceLancer on Yesterday at 07:26:34 PM »
Hi liquid8d,
I am trying out your search module. I like it very much! But I noticed one small thing. When I search for something the list is updated properly and contains the results. But the artwork is not updated to the selected game on the list. Let's say the search result list shows "bubble bobble" but the layout is still showing the artwork of a different game. I hope you get what I mean. I know my English is bad. ;)
So, is there a way to refresh the display after a search result?


It depends on your layout , in my layout i have custom code which works on tick, to prevent snaps and artwork changes during fast scrolling. It will also prevent this from changing instantly on search, it can cause heavy lag on pie.But it will update on next navigation or transition
Scripting / Re: Controls module v1.0!
« Last post by jedione on Yesterday at 07:06:15 PM »
i will be trying this

thank you..... :) :) :)
Scripting / Re: ScrollingText by press a button
« Last post by liquid8d on Yesterday at 05:12:35 PM »
No, in fact I don't think that is even part of that module, you'd have to implement stop/starting it with a button yourself  ;D
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