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@ pibuilder
You're using an RPI?
I'm using a Windows System. But I think it's the same steps:

start AM > press TAB key > choose your displayname of mame (in my case : mame) > on 'Info Source/Scraper' choose : listxml > Generate Collection/Rom List

After this, I've got the correct names (instead of filenames)

And here are my display settings of emulator system mame

Yes I'm using an RPI3B+ I anticipate on placing it within a dedicated arcade cabinet. Unfortunately this didn't seem to work & I followed exact instructions from your post... As you can see the problems still present as an example of these games you can see the bottom text shows the MAME .ZIP name not the game name still:

I followed the exact instructions still didn't fix / resolve my issue:

Also when I go to

 it doesn't look like it generated any .xml file etc, I know it would be under the "L's" as list.xml but it claims within ATTRACT MODE that the list was generated however I still have the same issues it's still showing the mame .zip file names. I see another link to another method I'm going to try that as an alternative to getting these to show properly within attract mode.

Again though I'm using MAME .78u lite set pus neo geo plus dragson's lair, along with mame 2003. I'm NOT USING Advance Mame. I don't even have advance mame installed on my retroPi.
Scripting / Re: Possible Attract-Mode BUG: Listbox not fade correctly.
« Last post by Oomek on Today at 06:53:44 AM »
Most likely you forgot to add sel_alpha property to the list
General / Re: Poll: What systems do you use most (85%+) of the time?
« Last post by bundangdon on Today at 04:44:10 AM »
For me, all of the above  :D
General / Re: Multi Monitor not working
« Last post by hermine.potter on Today at 01:20:20 AM »
Finally figured out, how it works on Windows.

Maybe this is helpful to anybody who wants Multiple Monitors / Multi Displays / extended screen view for artwork / show marquee on second 2nd screen:
Tested on :
AM version 2.3 (WinXP, Win7, Win10) 
AM version 2.4 (Windows 7, Windows 10)

>this is my setup:

>settings in Windows:
-two displays (windows is set to extended view)
first display : Windows primary screen; shows AM
second display : extended; shows marquee artwork

>settings in AM:
start AM > press TAB key > General > Window Mode > set to 'Fillscreen (Default)' or 'Fullscreen Mode'

start AM > press TAB key > General > Enable Multiple Monitors : Yes

start AM > press TAB key > Plug-Ins > MultiMon : Enabled

if something is wrong/not correct with your cable installation, you only see this window (maybe your cable is broken => check):

if everything is wired correct, you see more options. In my case I've chosen marquee artwork for second display:

>other layouts:
works with the standard layouts and own/user layouts too.
Tested with
cockpit theme
Announcements / Re: Version 2.4 sneaking in!
« Last post by hermine.potter on Today at 12:48:44 AM »
Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10.
x86 and x64.
Works perfect.

short info:
version 2.4 doesn't longer supports native Windows XP/WinXP.
shows different missing .dll errors / .dll files not found
If you're using WinXP use version 2.3
General / Poll: What systems do you use most (85%+) of the time?
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 11:07:39 PM »
How do you use Attract-Mode?
General / Re: How to get attract to detect game from cd tray
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 10:47:34 PM »
I would agree that this method is dated... probably obsolete. It could be done using RocketLauncher, creating a script or using "dummy" .txt files that are named the same as your games.

The question is why would you want that setup and is it worth the configuration time vs. converting your CDs/DVDs to files (which would load and play faster and require no physical intervention)?

Check these out to see how most do it today and
I have to +1 hermine here that is usually the problem in this case 99.6% of the time..even I forget from time to time.

You wrote this which I have linked in the Pi FAQ mentioned earlier in the thread.

I understand on a Windows or Linux install with a full MAME install "listxml" is the way to go but the way that RetroPie works (his name is pibuilder and he mentions EmulationStation) is a bit different.
General / Re: Roms work in AM but not in Mame64 (not kidding)
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 10:28:24 PM »
When you run MAME from AM or from the command line you are telling the program all the specifics of loading the file. When you load it in MAME it's relying on your MAME configuration to provide this information.

It sounds like you guys haven't actually configured MAME after installing or upgrading it. You can do this through the GUI on any current version of MAME or by modifying the mame.ini with a text editor. Make sure that you define the correct "rompath" to show paths to your roms, chds and bios (if stored separately).
Themes / Re: Why is this topic called themes? The program calls them layouts.
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 10:08:02 PM »
Some interesting thoughts. It made me think that each of these can mean the same thing but really they describe the level of detail that is involved with each.

skin - this changes the look but is an overlay (like putting a large sticker with cutouts over something)

theme -  this has more granularly and lets you adjust parts of the look independent of each other (like your computer desktop "themes", they look different and can be further customized but the items you see aren't moving or being modified or changed)

layout - you can change anything and everything. not just colors, backgrounds, etc. but what is shown, where it's shown and how it's shown.

Layout makes sense to me. I just don't understand the forum terminology being disjointed from the program it supports. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread even making it "Themes (Layouts)" would help new comers. Attract-Mode doesn't have a ton of documentation so the forum is where people go second (first in too many cases) to find answers.
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