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General / AM 2.6.2 high cpu usage on windows 11
« Last post by BladeZX on Today at 03:54:52 AM »
I am running windows 11 and AM 262 and when playing videos the cpu jumps to 90-100%
If I turn off videos then cpu usage is 2-3%
I am using on board video but something is definitely missing here because the same machine plays videos fine in Launchbox and other front ends

Is there a fix for this?
Themes / Re: 2nd monitor marquee not updating on game change
« Last post by lemmingDev on September 26, 2022, 01:36:12 PM »
Thanks for the info, and the link to the video

Great work!

What's your intent for this theme? Will you release it stand alone, or exclusively in a new better than 4.1 multi you alluded to, or as some type of patch to 4.1 to save bandwidth? There are a number of us on the ARTAX Community Edition discord with secondary 1280x390 screens looking for exactly this

May I suggest that you increase the length of the blue Filtertag.png (at least that is what it was called in the original theme) and then adjust the .nut file to move the XX/XXX current number of total number text further to the right to accommodate systems with long names that sometimes cover up the numbers

We did it as part of the community updates to the v4 multi, when we thought there would be no more releases. We were happy to see a new release, but a little disappointed at the same time, such as yourself, by the lack of new content or polish etc

Happy to beta test if you like. Is there a discussion thread or discord on these efforts? Did you want to join our one?
Emulators / Re: Sony PlayStation 3 setup arg and setting
« Last post by jedione on September 26, 2022, 11:39:02 AM »
thank you...
Themes / Re: 2nd monitor marquee not updating on game change
« Last post by jedione on September 26, 2022, 10:46:32 AM »
also works on a second monitor    .almost forgot the jist of the

sorry no help ...on the old one.....   :(
Themes / Re: 2nd monitor marquee not updating on game change
« Last post by jedione on September 26, 2022, 10:41:18 AM »
this is a preview of the "artax-ttx3-mega-multi-v4.1-[JULY2022]-[FASTIO]-[JVS]"  remake, 
that i have done because i was so disappointed by it,  the theme was made quit a few years back now,,,,
new color, fly in animation + super smooth scrolling....word
my new drop in theme,  uses AM+ inersha code and the conveyer has been dropped for a better grid with animation...

their is onley one current beta tester.... working on a 4:3 also... 

demo =
Themes / 2nd monitor marquee not updating on game change - NXL HD
« Last post by lemmingDev on September 26, 2022, 02:09:24 AM »
Hi All

Hoping you might be able to help nut out getting 2nd monitor images working on the NXL HD theme that comes on the TTX3 multi image

Here it is in action with just one screen

Problem 1:
So, when a second monitor is hooked up, it only updates the marquee images on the 2nd screen when the 4x2 carousel grid changes, and even then, it's only showing the marquee picture from the game second across on the top row instead of the currently selected game. The main monitor is updating fine

It's as if the event for updating the second screen is only triggered when the carousel is changed, and it updates it based on what game is selected in a certain position on the main screen.

Hoping you might be able to point us in the right direction to have the correct game marquee show on the second monitor

Problem 2:
In screensaver mode, the marquees are just shown randomly instead of staying in sync with the game shown on the main screen

Thanks heaps
Scripting / Re: [TOOL] Flashpoint Importer for Launchers
« Last post by oblivioncth on September 23, 2022, 08:39:22 AM »
I didn't understand what it's for, but it's my fault alone.

Lol, it's basically serves the same role as importing an XML file to get a romlist for Flashpoint in AM, but since the setup of Flashpoint is so complicated an external tool is needed and this cannot be achieved with just AM's "--import-romlist" option.

Then, since you're already being forced into using a tool anyway, I made it also provide some extra conveniences like creating a default Display entry for the Flashpoint "system", as well as a few other things, so that you can get up an running faster.

Outside of that core functionality, any other potential sources of confusion stem from the various options the tools provides to customize which things from Flashpoint you want to import since its such a huge project and usually people only want a few of the Platforms it provides.
Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 14.7 [Release] Updated 23 September 2022
« Last post by zpaolo11x on September 23, 2022, 05:56:50 AM »
Arcadeflow 14.7 is out!

New RetroArch folder options to work better with any configuration, plus new options to cleanup and manage the games database.


## What's new in v 14.7 #

- Added option to reset database without affecting romlist
- Added new option to remove unused entries in games db
- Added support for RA 32 Bit in Windows
- Added new options for RetroArch custom folders
- Fixed deleted tags showing in list
Emulators / Sony PlayStation 3 setup arg and setting
« Last post by arikafgc on September 21, 2022, 02:10:01 PM »
:D Hi everyone,
;D Hope you all having wonderful day.

Me and my friend OldGamer have figured out how to run RPCS3 emulator to work on Attract mode by following these simple steps:
1- open the emulator and then go to the emulator setting and put a check on enable exit when RPCS3 when process finishes.

2- Copy the emulator setting below:

# Generated by Attract-Mode Plus v2.6.1
executable           D:\AM\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\emulator\rpcs3.exe
args                 "[rompath]\[name]\USRDIR\EBOOT.BIN" --no-gui 
rompath              D:\AM\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\emulator\dev_hdd0\game
romext               <DIR>
system               Sony Playstation 3
info_source          listxml
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    boxart          D:\AM\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\boxart
artwork    cartart         D:\AM\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\cartart
artwork    snap            D:\AM\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\snap
artwork    wheel           D:\AM\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\wheel

Arg for attract mode is always has it as -nogui but its need to be like this  "--no-gui"  with the right path is  args "[rompath][name]\USRDIR\EBOOT.BIN" --no-gui

the rompath will be inside the Sony Playstation 3\emulator\dev_hdd0\gamedev_hdd0\game in folder format "according to the serial number of the game that is installed in the RPCS3 emulator
for example:
Sony Playstation 3\emulator\dev_hdd0\game\NPEB00554  "NPEB00554 folder" is the name of the game and sadly you cannot change the name of the folder it will be like this.

So the best solution is to hide the game's name by doing this step:
Go to Layout Settings and remove the name of the text that displays the game.

Press the Tab button to get to the menu screen and go to the following options
Configure\Displays\Sony Playstation 3\Layout Options

on Layout Options scroll down to Show game information and choose No , Game Name choose Manufacturer Only

It will hide the name of the game

 ;) Cheers!!!
Themes / Re: My Themes Collection (Customizable)
« Last post by Delita Hyral on September 20, 2022, 03:58:28 PM »
 8) great , thanks for your work
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