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Emulators / pc engine/ tg 16 loading issues/ please help
« Last post by Schneider563 on Today at 09:34:56 AM »
Hello, I am new to attract mode and I recently installed and started building it out on retro pie and have run into an issue I can not figure out. I followed a previous post and was able to create pcengine emulator using the following settings:
0 _SYS_ pcengine "[romfilename]"
TurboGrafx 16

The rom list gets created but it is not loading any of the roms. When I log out of attract mode it will load them in emulation station. I checked the configuration settings when the rom begins to load and they look off. I am missing options 1 through 3 and at the top is:
System: emulator/port
Emulator: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/pcengine/Bonk's
Video Mode:
ROM: game/rom
Which is obviously off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i love your timer to go back to the menu so much ,,,i made it into a .nut file by its self

just drop it in any theme , and add    fe.do_nut("timer.nut");  to the end of your theme script
and your good.
i love it ,,  im thinking of putting some large dinosaurs grazing in the background with
some ambient music playing.

great work ,  i have a feeling its not over yet..
thanks for the update.
The theme update to version 1.5. This is so amazing using Jedione's video to grid theme.

Also, I upload all files with system logos in this time. Hope you enjoy.

Original Jedione's theme Post

- add image, video or snap options to be backgroup artwork
- improve some animation effect
- fix bugs

v1.5 Preview

Themes / Re: lost a theme help!
« Last post by taelonian on Today at 04:14:38 AM »
General / Re: Retroarch
« Last post by mc2programmer on Today at 12:07:36 AM »
not really a question for attract-mode... but here goes when  you launch your game hit f1 then go to the very first option quick menu scroll down to shaders and set to your hearts content...
Themes / Re: Hyperspin joystick anamation
« Last post by mc2programmer on Yesterday at 11:53:11 PM »
oh I think the documentation for this is in the animation module... can not remember though.

repeat = the pattern to repeat "yoyo" in my case
loop = true to do what you are thinking?

ok did some digging

maybe liquid8d can chime in... but that shows settings for repeat
Themes / Re: Hyperspin joystick anamation
« Last post by mc2programmer on Yesterday at 11:51:30 PM »
the code is solid... to give a little bit more light on the subject I would first try just loading any joystick .swf file that you like in the layout.nut file forgot how to code it, but I think it is just like loading any other image just set it to the swf file. If that doesn't work for you ie the swf wont load or it doesn't look right in attract-mode look for a swf or flash to sprite sheet creator. create a single sprite sheet of the joystick animation. then use the code I posted to do a sprite animation. You will have to tweek the settings depending on your spritesheet.... I had to use yo-yo on mine as the animation goes down then up then down to complete the animation some may start left to right or some other pattern takes a bit of trial and error to get the setting, but not too hard. when you load the animation first thing is just to get the joystick in frame then it may 'Jump' a bit just mess with the corresponding setting still it looks right.
Themes / Re: [CONCEPT] NEON Theme
« Last post by Tsugigas on Yesterday at 11:45:17 PM »
Did this ever reach fruition? I'd love use it, looks super clean.
Themes / Re: Anyway to set 2 different arcade buttons to 1 task?
« Last post by KTURNER on Yesterday at 02:58:35 PM »
If you are using mame it doesn't matter how they are wired. If you are playing pinball on nes or some other emulator then you will need to tie into the player one board. You can not map two buttons to one function in console emulation.
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