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I just remembered seeing these a while back. I've never used them so I don't know if they will help you, but they might.

EmulationStation Gamelist to AttractMode Romlist Converter

EmulationStation Gamelist Description to AttractMode Overview (keep in mind the way that the AttractMode Overview works has changes since this post was made)

These are available in a bunch of places. Here's one

You can also use the AttractMode builtin function to get these by setting your emulator.cfg file to use and then regenerate your romlist.

NES example
Code: [Select]
system               Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This information is also in the listxml and listsoftware functions of MAME/MESS but chances are your naming convention is different.

A couple of things:
1. AttractMode doesn't store "overview" information in the romlist. It stores and pulls this information from individual text files (located in /AttractMode/scraper/<system>/overview/<game>.txt)
2. None of the HyperSpin xml files contain "player" or "overview" information, have a look for yourself I'm not sure where you got your file but if the standard HS files don't contain the information then the import process probably isn't looking for it.

What specific file and emulator/system are you trying to import?

General / Re: Raspberry Pi F.A.Q.
« on: Yesterday at 12:33:28 PM »
Everything you describe seems to be correct. Are you using a good 2+ amp power adapter? I have seen ffmpeg fail when compiling for no apparent reason. Since it's a new build I would try it again, it might have been a fluke. I'll also mention you can use a "-j4" flag after the "make" commands when you're compiling. This will use all 4 cores of the Pi3 and speed things along.

May I kindly suggest you mention this flag in the first post? Would have been nice to know about before waiting through the hour+ compile!  ;D

The -j4 switch isn't mentioned in the first post because it won't work on older versions of the Pi. I only mentioned it when the person posting said he was using a Pi3. The -j4 switch is also less reliable if overclocking is set too high on the Pi.

Import extras is meant for things like "mame.xml, nplayers.ini, catver.ini, etc.". If you want to import another FE's XML file you should do it from the command line.
You can also import romlists from mame listxml files as well as gamelists for other frontends. Supported source files include: *.lst (MameWah lists), *.txt (Attract-Mode lists) and *.xml (Mame listxml, listsoftware and HyperSpin lists):

   attract --import-romlist <source_file> [emulator name]

General / Re: Can I create folders in the games list?
« on: November 18, 2018, 06:47:39 PM »
The AttractMode "tagging" feature would be best for this instead of folders.

General / Re: Romlist wheel display error
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:33:45 AM »
Your romlist doesn't look like something AM would have generated. Each rom line should have a total of 16 semicolons (";") but yours only has 15 per line. Your file lacks the default header I mentioned earlier in the post. Your file also has no consistency in terms of the order that the roms are listed.

To test, you should rename your current romlist and then generate a new romlist in AM and see if it works properly. If it works properly (and you really want to use your existing romlist for some reason), we can then compare the two to determine your issue.

General / Re: Romlist wheel display error
« on: November 10, 2018, 09:01:07 AM »
Post the first 5 lines of your romlist and your AM version.

General / Re: attract mode 2.5.0 for retropie
« on: November 10, 2018, 02:00:57 AM »

or look at the wiki

If you originally installed AM from the RP menu, look at the Pi FAQ warning.

General / Re: Set theory maths needed ?
« on: November 10, 2018, 01:31:02 AM »
I'm glad you got this sorted out. I like your control panel. Do you have a picture of the one you swap out?

How do you swap your control panels? Do you have separate encoders on each panel and just move a USB connection?

Another forum member (ArcadeBliss) has a cabinet that has multiple control panels that he swaps out. You might look at some of his posts for more tips (they are older and I think he's using RocketLauncher). I can give you solid advice but my control panel isn't removable... today.

General / Re: AttractMode doesn't remember last lunched game
« on: November 10, 2018, 01:12:20 AM »
This should be pretty simple and you mention it works but just not when you reboot. Is it possible that you are trying to launch AM too quickly after you reboot for your hardware? When you reboot, let the OS sit doing nothing for 10 minutes before running AM, maybe background processes or dependencies haven't had time to start (since your're using XP I'm guessing your hardware is old).

How launching the last game on start in the AM FE works:
- there is an entry in your attract.cfg file like "startup_mode         launch_last_game"
- the file contains the information of the last game played (though it's cryptic). make sure this file is not read only and has the proper permissions if using the NTFS file system

You can make sure these files are correct and don't have permission issues but since you say it works right when you don't reboot makes me think they're fine. How are you launching AM in the OS and how are you shutting down AM and the OS? This is more likely your issue.

1. the mame emulator mame.ini "rompath" must always be set correctly otherwise split romsets or roms that use .chd files won't work
2. mame.cfg AM file must contain the rompath to build an AM romlist but doesn't need to be used for "args" statement (because the mame.ini "rompath" takes care of this)
3. you should never configure the AM exit key option unless the emulator doesn't provide this option (this should be blank in the AM mame.cfg)
4. you can use RA to run the mame2003 core but let there be no mistake that the RA mame2003 core and the the full mame .078 elmulator operate differently (in some cases better and in some cases worse)

See this post of links to other options that will help you to the correct fix

General / Re: what is the best way to optimize performance?
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:16:31 AM »
what is the best way to optimize performance....

Spend money. LOL.

But really, as others have said, use less intensive layouts. AM itself is very light weight compared to other FEs. Some layouts and HQ videos used can tax your system resources. Hardware acceleration can help with video rendering but only if you make sure that your videos (and OS) can use it. Not using videos at all would make for a very light (but possibly boring) layout.

In short, use a layout that suits your hardware or spend money to buy better hardware. In this case money can fix it but is it needed or worth it?

P.S. To put layout performance into layman's terms (how much each of these effect your system will depend on your hardware)
1. if you search the layout.nut and see "surface" entries it will take a performance hit
2. if you look near the beginning of the layout.nut and see a lot of "fe.load_module" or "fe.do_nut" entries there will be a performance loss
3. if the layout.nut contains "shader", "blend", "blur" or "scanline" there's a performance drop

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