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Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.9 [Release] Updated 22 February 2021
« on: February 21, 2021, 10:18:30 PM »
Arcadeflow 9.9 is out!

Performance improvements in many areas: shaders are lighter and faster to load, no more slowdowns at display change, improved effects "stack" on the thumbnails. Also I added new quite obscure system logos and images :D


Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.8 [Release] Updated 29 January 2021
« on: February 08, 2021, 01:06:55 AM »
Ok, i solved copying the layout and renaming it !! Well done !! :D

I was just going to suggest this as a workaround :D

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.8 [Release] Updated 29 January 2021
« on: February 07, 2021, 07:08:28 AM »
My question is : Is possible to have different layout settings per display ?

Well at the moment there are some technical limitation, for example in the options you can enable per-display backgrounds, And you can have per display sorting, box art mode etc because these features can be enabled or disabled "at runtime". The layout itself (like number of rows etc) is defined at the layout start and can't be changed after launch, and in Arcadeflow when you change display the layout is not reloaded so, at the moment, I'm sorry but it's not possible to change the tile layout per display

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.8 [Release] Updated 29 January 2021
« on: February 01, 2021, 02:39:51 AM »
Could it be possible to add an option to show a list with 3d boxes? This option would need to remove the white border and the black background that you can see in the attached picture.

This is not possible at the moment, because of the way AF builds the thumbnails and adds the shadows. It will require a lot of changes to the code, so I can't tell if it will ever become a feature, sorry.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.8 [Release] Updated 29 January 2021
« on: January 29, 2021, 07:14:37 AM »
Arcadeflow 9.8 is out!

This version has some huge new features: you can import XML data for romlists AND for collections, and Arcadeflow will now propagate simple romlists data to collections (like favorites, tags etc), and viceversa, if you change favorites in a collection you'll see that change in the original romlist too.

One of the new feature is... the possibility to DELETE your roms from the UI :D It will just move them to a "Deleted" subfolder, but anyway HANDLE WITH CARE! Also, not sure what happens if you have multiple paths in your rompath, I still have to check it :O

Enjoy the new revision and try not to delete your whole disk while using the "red button" :)

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.7 [Release] Updated 10 January 2021
« on: January 28, 2021, 05:33:06 AM »
I'm currently making a Tate Cabinet ... Is your theme working on a Tate display ? (Is there an option to rotate the display when it is started, but let the Win Desktop in a yoko mode) ?

Yes the theme can work in tate mode, you can use the Attract Mode hotkeys to check what happens when you rotate the screen, but this is temporary. You can go in Arcadeflow options/general and set the rotation to "left", "right" or "flip" without affecting Windows screen orientation.

AF has some tweaks to fit better on vertical screens, but that's a configuration I don't use so much, so if you find any strange behavior or inconsistency, or if you need some feature, let me know I'll be glad to help ;)

[EDIT] Added a screenshot to show how AF looks when "rotated" on a screen where the OS is still in landscape orientation.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.7 [Release] Updated 10 January 2021
« on: January 19, 2021, 12:09:16 AM »
I installed Retropie on my Raspberry Pi 3 and also installed attract mode and fully updated the whole system. I went to install this them but all I get is the games list as text vertically on the screen with a snap image background for each game. I tried another theme and that worked fine. Am I missing something here as I would love to get this theme working as I love the grid layout on my Arcade1Up Street Fighter cab.
Do you install this the same as the other themes for attract mode?

As mahuti explaind in his answer, Arcadeflow has issues with PI systems, and AFAIK it doesn't work on a PI3. The fact that you see only a list of names with background is a bit strange though, there was an error in the packaging of the latest version, so you can try re-downloading it from the website. That said, don't expect it to work much better, but at least it should launch and not bring you to that kind of screen.
Not working with the PI is a big issue for AF, but it's a very GPU intensive layout so it's very difficult to make it work on the Raspberry which has some limitation in its GPU design :(

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.7 [Release] Updated 10 January 2021
« on: January 10, 2021, 02:48:29 AM »
Arcadeflow 9.7 is out!

Introducing the new tool to import RetroPie XML lists into Attract Mode romlists. Handle with care, make a backup of your lists just in case something bad happens... The tool takes the xml path from your emulator configuration file, if it's in RetroPie format it will process it and substitute your romlist with the new one, otherwise it will leave your romlist alone and safe :)


Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: January 09, 2021, 04:48:33 AM »
I can see why people don't appreciate the MAME categories now that I've looked into it a little bit.

It we take Beat'em Ups they show up in the "Fighter" Category.
Kungfu in Fighter / 2D
Final Fight in Fighter / 2.5D
and Art of Fighting in Fighter / Versus.

I think the console market came out with different terms for the genres than the arcade world and that's probably creating a lot of confusion.
For example I've always seen it this way

Final Fight -> Beat'em Up
Art of Fighting -> Fighter
Super Smash Bros -> Brawler

The mame implementation makes much more sense to me: Kungfu, Final Fight and Art of Fighting are all fighting games, so they end up in the same "main category", and 2D, 2.5D and Versus are perfectly clear indication of the type of games we are talking about. Beat'em up, fighter and brawler are more difficult to tell apart, and most of all they all fall in different categories, instead of one macro category, which is much easier to organize.

That said, I'm not native english speaker but even in italian we used to tell apart subgenres within the main "picchiaduro" genre.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: January 09, 2021, 01:00:13 AM »
I did notice the Genre id as well but I don't know what they are attributed to. Did you try asking in the screenscraper forums or discord? I haven't asked, but it's an idea.

I asked, but got no answer, maybe because I asked in english and most people there seems to speak only french (or pretend they can't speak anything but french :D )

Last time you mentioned you created images for all the mame categories. Is there a list somewhere on the web of what those are? I'd base myself on that so make sure I use a tag which is recognised from that list.

You can open the catver.ini from mame folder and you'll find there all the category combinations. I actually didn't create icons for all of them, just the most used. At the moment I'm adjusting some icons names to adapt to RetroPie category names. I don't really understand why anyone would use a different naming scheme since MAME was there ages before RetroPie and all the other scrapers...

I also want to build in to my tool to merge 2 EmulationStation Gamelist into 1 AM list. For NGPC as an example. I'll try to add that this weekend

Nice idea. Next version of AF will be able to import RetroPie romlists with descriptions, ratings etc, I'm thinking of something similar to create "All Handhelds" collection but it's not so easy since I'll have to create displays too...

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: January 06, 2021, 03:23:05 AM »
I get the metadata when I scrape using Skraper UI, but what they put in that field can be very convoluted, and sometimes have multiple caterogies. such as: Role playing games-Action-Action / Adventure

Back on topic: my XML converter for Arcadeflow is ready, and I'm clashing with the absurd genre tag produced by Skraper. Notable example: "Action / Adventure-Action-Puzzle-Game" is this "Action/Adventure", fine, but then why Action is separated by a "-" and "Puzzle-Game" has the same "-" in the category name?!? XML scraped from EmulationStation directly are much cleaner with only one genre per game, or at least separated by a ",". There's the genreID tag that should fix the issue but I have no idea how it works and no one seems to have a clear explanation.
At the moment my plan is to parse the genre field looking for "cascaded" categories ("/" separated) and use that if it's present, otherwise I'll try splitting multiple categories by "," or "-" fixing "Puzzle-Game" which hopefully is the only one with this absurd naming!

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: January 02, 2021, 10:50:27 AM »
I think you misunderstood me. What I am looking for, is being able to just display wheel images, as shown in image I took in the standard Grid layout.

Oh now I get it, well... at the moment this is not possible: wheel artwork with its own drop shadow is overlayed and doesn't morph into snaps, you could hide snaps completely but then wheel won't be centered correctly. The thing most similar to what you intend is using "Titles" as source for thumbnail artwork. Of course you can try using wheel source for thumbnails but you'll get a white or grey backdrop behind it because thumbs drop shadows are fake, not calculated in realtime

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: January 02, 2021, 10:09:23 AM »
Other than the above, the only real option I am missing is the ability to use wheel images in box art mode. Note that this is possible with the default Grid layout of Attract Mode.

Very nice "clean" version! You did a lot of editing and you did it right, which is great, considering the intricacy of the code :D
By the way the option you want is already in Arcadeflow: go to the Options menu, Thumbnail section and enable "Game title over box art", this will show the wheel art on top of box art.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: December 30, 2020, 01:04:51 AM »
I haven't been on here for almost a year, and just saw your progress and WOW, Bravo.
AF remains my favourite theme and I don't think I'll ever try another one.

I'm writing a tool to convert Emulation Station Gamelist XML into the ones from Attract Mode, plus the overview files at the same time.

Hey nice to know you still enjoy Arcadeflow, your comments are greatly appreciated. I'm doing "something" with XML lists too, I use skraper and it gets a lot of data, my project is to implement a parser and allow Arcadeflow to get data directly from XML lists. You'll still have to generate the usual romlist from your roms, but the XML file will be managed by Arcadeflow. This will allow to add ratings etc, and also import the game descriptions without having to convert them. I'm still experimenting and I hope it will be fast enough! (actually I'm facing some delays because I somehow screwed my Windows external disk for my mac that now doesn't mount anymore, but it works on a PC so... I don't know :D)

I'm running into some issues with the Genres/Categories.

I see, well I don't know exactly how Skraper stacks multiple categories, Arcadeflow category icons are made for MAME format, that is "Main Category/Sub Category". While the filtering system of Arcadeflow supports coma separated multiple categories, the images does not. The code is not in the layout.nut itself, but it's a function in the external file nut_picfunctions.nut, still in ARcadeflow home folder.
To make a long story short, the function strips the category name of all special characters and makes it lowercase, so for example "Action" category will point to "action.png", "Shooter/Flying-Vertical" to "shooterflyingvertical.png"

If you need further advice, please let me know! Oh and just now I was able to mount my Windows disk so... on with the XML integration :D

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 9.6 [Release] Updated 24 December 2020
« on: December 24, 2020, 09:04:20 AM »
Arcadeflow 9.6 is out!

Many bug fixes, some improvements under the hood... not much more, this is mostly a release to fix all the bugs of 9.5 and replace some fade routines with more robust ones.

Have fun, and merry Christmas :D

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